May 22nd, 2011


Long day.

It has been a looooooong weekend. We did get to see Pirates of the Caribbean, though, which was awesome. I still like Curse of the Black Pearl the best, but On Stranger Tides was really good. But there was a part where I was just like, "Okay, I'm done with this movie." Not like, "Ugh, movie! Stop being stupid! I'm so done with you!", but like, "I've had enough movie-watching now, and I'd like to do something else." It was still very entertaining, so I'm just going to blame my short attention span, and make a mental note when watching at home to always pause for an intermission.

Yesterday, we started doing our chores, and when we were getting close to finishing, we were both thinking, "It would be so nice if, when we were done with our chores, someone would call and we could go out and do something." And right as I was finishing up cleaning the cat fountain, Mom called! And we went to Jo-Ann's! This was especially good, because the other thing we wanted to do yesterday was work on costumes, and we ended up not having time except for the Jo-Ann's trip. Mom said she could make us the sweater for Shion (or at least the pieces), which is great, because she knits really really fast. And that means most of our costumes will be pretty easy to make! Yay!

We were joined on our trip to Jo-Ann's by a friend...of the family? I'm not sure how to describe her, but I guess she's Sarah's friend who became Mom's friend? But anyway, it was important to see her yesterday, because another friend (this time of Steve and Mom's) had her baptism! Yay! And the first friend was going to play the flute, and she needed an accompanist. Mom told me about it last Sunday, but she wasn't able to give me any details, and when Steve asked again to confirm if we were going to the baptism, he didn't mention it at all, so I figured they'd gotten someone else to play. I figured wrong.

So when we finished at the fabric store, she gave me the sheet music, and Mom dropped everybody off at their homes, and I had almost two hours to practice before the baptism. The challenge was doubled by the fact that Steve wanted to add a musical number to his talk about the Holy Ghost. So I had two songs to practice and not two hours to practice them in, but fortunately I'm a decent sight-reader and the flute piece was really really easy. But I do want to point out that being young is not a good excuse for not contacting your accompanist.

We made it to the baptism, and everything went pretty well, except that the flautist thought it might be better to perform a different song instead. Her reasoning was that it would be hard for me to turn the page, and there was a part that might be confusing. Normally I hate it when people say, "It's up to you," but when I'm in my accompanist role, that's what I tend to do, because really the star player should be the one calling the shots. So I told her to do what worked best for her, and she decided to switch to the other song...which turned out to be more difficult than the original choice, and I felt like I did rather poorly. Hopefully the flute sounded nice (I couldn't tell because I was concentrating so hard on the piano).

After the baptism, we (and Steve and Mom and everyone they had brought with them) were invited to the new convert's house for a dinner party. She and her husband were great hosts--making sure everyone was comfortable, starting games with people, etc. But our pickiness left us hungry, and our super invisibility power from high school seems to have reactivated (not an isolated incident--we've been having this problem for several weeks now), so we were completely bored. And hungry, so we were also grumpy. (The hosts could see us, but they were busy hosting.) So when we got home late(ish) last night, we were too blarghful to care about updating LJ, and that's why there's such a long post today! Tadah!

This invisibility thing is really frustrating, though. It's not like we're not trying, either. We were sitting at a table with a bunch of people, and they were talking about whether or not it was okay to feed the baby ice cream, so we tried to volunteer the story about how whenever Grandpa took a new baby home from the hospital, the first thing he'd do would be to take them to the kitchen and start feeding them ice cream. I started saying it and everything, but it was clear that no one was listening, so I stopped, and nobody even noticed. Sigh. It would be one thing if we weren't trying--then I'd know it was our fault and we needed to fix it. But we did try. Double sigh. Maybe we'll just blame it on numeralism >D

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Jo-Ann's yesterday, Mom agreeing to make Shion's sweater, getting to see On Stranger Tides (which, I might venture, is not, in fact, stranger than At World's End (we always did think it was an odd choice of titles--you can't get much stranger than At World's End)), the yummy cupcakes at the baptism last night, and amusing hair experiments.