May 19th, 2011



Today we had an adventure! We'd been saying for months that we needed new glasses, and therefore needed to get eye doctor appointments, because neither of had been to an optometrist for at least seven years. Right around Christmas, Mom said she needed to go to the optometrist, too, so she would make an appointment for all of us, and we'd all go together. What with busyness and misunderstandings and whatnot, that didn't really happen until yesterday. Sort of.

See, the plan was to go to the eye doctor at CostCo. I don't know why, but Mom decided it would be wise to have Steve check things out ahead of time (he often has lunch at CostCo anyway), and if everything looked good, to make some appointments. This may be due to the reports from Sarah that one of the doctors at CostCo is not exactly punctual or prompt (and apparently spends inordinate amounts of time in her office getting things ready or something). But there was only one time slot open for an appointment yesterday! Oh no!

So Steve signed Mom up, and while she was there, she made an appointment for each of us. She specifically made it for three o'clock, because by then, Celeste would be home, and we could maybe convince her to drive us. Well, we didn't want to deal with anybody's reluctance, be it Celeste's or Mom's, so we decided to walk. Fortunately, it wasn't too hot today, because the walk is about half an hour long each way. (Maybe twenty minutes, but still.)

And so we went to the eye doctor! Tadah! The machine where they blow air in your eye was also an adventure. At first, I kept blinking at the light, and then I was like, "I'll stare it down! Ha!" And then the puff of air finally came, and I was like, "Eek!"

As for our prescriptions...mine is still the same and Athena's right eye is a liiiiittle bit worse. On the one hand, it's like, "All that walking and almost a hundred dollars to find out our prescriptions are practically the same!?" But on the other hand, we're both very glad that we're not going blind!

Though Athena doesn't quite trust it. She says she was like, "Well, through logic, I can tell you that's a Y, but it's still pretty darn fuzzy." She didn't actually say that to the doctor, though. She only asked for what we could read, not how well we could read it. I felt the same way, sometimes, though. There was one that I was pretty sure was an F, but it very easily could have also been a P. But anyway, it's probably close enough that it's not that big a deal.

And now we finally have written prescriptions that we can use to buy new glasses with! Yay! (We decided not to buy glasses today, mainly because we don't have a CostCo membership, which I think Mom said we needed...?)

And then we got very tired of walking when we were only about halfway home, so the last part of the journey was pretty arduous. But then we got home and had water and food, so things are better now.

Today I'm thankful for having eye prescriptions, not going blind, making it safely to and from CostCo, having nice filtered water waiting for us when we got home, and finally getting some "real" work done today.