May 18th, 2011



Today has been a day of delivery. Or deliveries, I guess. It was pretty funny, because we got an email from our boss at Kodansha, telling us we should be getting the books we need by Thursday, and I'm sure it couldn't have been longer than five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. There was the FedEx guy with the books!

And it was a total surprise, because we'd already gotten a delivery today! We ordered the special prescription food that the other doctor prescribed for Oreo, and it got here today. When we opened the package, there were twenty-four cans of fancy hypoallergenic food! The only problem was that we'd only ordered twelve cans. And we'd only paid for twelve! Oh no!

So we (almost) immediately went to the website to contact the petfood people and let them know that we had twelve extra cans of catfood. We would have been happy to pay for them, except for the fact that Oreo might not eat more than half of one can, let alone all twenty-four. So we said as much in our comment to the petfood people, and they got back to us really fast! They said we can keep the extra twelve cans, or donate them to a local pet shelter or something. That's so nice of them!

But can we really donate the food if it's prescription? I mean, whenever we ask the doctors what do we do if the other cat tries to eat it, they say oh it won't hurt them, so it's probably fine, but why is the food prescription-only anyway? And of course we forgot to include the part about it being prescription food in our comment, so would the answer have been different if they'd known it was super fancy, super expensive food? Aaaaahhhh!

On the other hand, there's super expensive non-prescription food out there, too, so the fact that they didn't bother asking indicates that it's probably okay either way.

Today I'm thankful for prompt replies, getting the books we've been waiting for, Mom being kind enough to get us eye appointments, "stuff" and "things" being two of the categories on Jeopardy! last night, and the yummy Cadbury Creme Eggs we had last night (it sometimes takes us a while to get to all of our holiday candy).