May 13th, 2011


What goes around comes around.

Whew, today has been a busy day. It started out writing checks, because I keep pledging small donations and then forgetting to send them in. Last night it occurred to me that this means the organizations might be sitting there thinking, "The check should come any day now!" Since we seem to be in a constant state of not being able to buy anything yet because "the check should come any day now," we decided it was only right to rectify the situation. (Our policy on charities is that it's not our business to know what percentage of the money is actually going to the cause--if they're lying to me, that's going to be their problem in the end. But we have set a charitable donations budget so we don't end up saying yes to everybody who calls, thus spending all our money.)

We've also noticed that when we send things in the mail, we tend to get things in return, so I admit our motivation may have been a little bit selfish. But anyway, today was no exception, and we got a check! And it was from TokyoPop! This is especially good, because since they announced shutting down, we weren't sure if they would be able to pay us, so it's almost like prize money! We should have known TokyoPop would come through, though. In all our time working as manga translators, they're the one company who always paid us on time (after we cleared up some stuff with the first check, but that was a long time ago). "On time" may have been three months after we turned in the translation, but it beats having to pester people about "where's our money!?" every time rent comes due.

So! now that we had money, we wanted to get some fluids for Oreo, whose activity of choice today has been to lie pitifully on the floor. (It was super adorable when he decided to hide behind the toilet, but still a little heartbreaking.) Unfortunately, this also meant trying to find a ride again. So we called all the same people we called yesterday plus Celeste (who was home from work this time), and nobody picked up! Boo!

We decided to say a prayer, and as soon as I said (in the prayer), "We want to get Oreo some fluids," the phone rang! It was Celeste! And even though she was tired and hungry, she didn't even complain about giving us a ride (we found out she was tired and hungry through conversation, not because she was complaining).

So now Oreo's at the vet getting some fluids, and Doctor G said that while he was there, she'd open up some cans and see if she could get him to eat something. She's such a good doctor. She said that she wishes they could do overnight care for cases like Oreo's, and she told us that the higher ups keep threatening, "One of these days, we'll get a stand-alone building, and you'll have to work overnight!" and she's like, "Great, I'll do the first shift." You can tell she really cares, and that's always important.

In the meantime, we offered to help Mom do some babysitting, so we're going with her and the little twins to see Rio later tonight. This is only slightly tricky because Oreo should be done getting his fluids right about the time the movie starts. Well...probably about ten, fifteen minutes before the movie starts, but we need to get him home. So we told the vet, and she said she'd try to get him done by about six. When we got back from the vet, I called Mom, and she said, "We'll work something out," in a cheerful voice, so now I feel like less of a bother.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo being in good hands right now, Celeste being very kind to drive us to the vet and the bank, getting a check in the mail, little miracles, and getting to see a movie tonight (we hope).