May 8th, 2011


Happy Daughters of God Day!

We had a pretty good day today. We went to Mom's house for dinner, and since she had vanished when we arrived, the two of us and Celeste spent the time until she arrived folding a picture of the gift we got her into an origami flower, which she could then unfold and see what Celeste had purchased for her (that had not yet arrived). Then we presented it with a song that ends with "Dear Mother, all flowers remind me of you," and Celeste and Athena each gave her an origami flower. It was cheesy, but I think it was cute. Then there was good conversation because there weren't many people, and there was also Mary Poppins, which continues to be an amazing movie.

And now! I was planning to say "I'm going to embarrass Athena," but I already told her I was going to do this, and she said it was okay. I just couldn't help it--the day went on too long. But anyway, she gave a talk in sacrament meeting, and it was really good, so I wanted to share it here. She wouldn't let me watch her write it, so not only was it all new to me, but it has none of my influence whatsoever! So if you're interested in seeing what Athena's like without me, this might be your best chance for a while (unless you live close to us, and then you can visit or see us at church or something).

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Today I'm thankful for being done giving talks and teaching lessons (after Athena's talk, I taught Relief Society today), having a nice time at Mom's house, getting to watch Mary Poppins, Oreo hanging out with us even after he's gotten his food, and the Elder's Quorum giving us chocolate instead of flowers this Mother's Day.