May 2nd, 2011


Vacation cut short.

We have once again proven ourselves effective in eliminating our vacation. Come to think of it, I'm not sure we've ever actually done that before, but it feels like something we've done.

Anyway, we were looking forward to having some time off, but since we know that having no work to do tends to turn into a Very Bad Thing, we emailed two of our clients and asked if they had anything for us to do. Our list of books to translate has now jumped from zero to seven. Fortunately, we have plenty of time to work on all of them, so it's not like we're suddenly super busy--just that we have stuff to do for a while, which is a Very Good Thing. Also, we get to translate Nabari again for the first time in like three years. (Maybe two? I'm pretty sure it's been more than one.)

We didn't update yesterday, because I thought it might be tacky or something to whine about our not awesome birthday dinner when everyone was talking about the big news last night, but yesterday we had a birthday dinner and it wasn't awesome. We came home and watched some Host Club, which usually makes everything better, but this time somebody, in a gracious attempt at making our next birthday dinner (there's two of us, so we get two) better, told us to do exactly what we'd done today, which failed. So instead of being like, "Ah, Host Club...♥" we were like, "How dare she say that! Was she even paying attention!? Aaarrrrgh!"

And then we discovered that we don't get the channel that's showing Danny Phantom, and we would have missed it anyway, because it was on at 11am Eastern Time, so we were kind of bummed. But then! we watched our first lecture on Building Better Sentences, and while it almost put us to sleep (we've been very tired lately; it was certainly not the lecture's fault), it looks like the whole course is going to be quite fascinating. So we're pretty excited about that. And that, plus new Castle tonight, plus the idea of earning more money has us in a much better mood.

Or it would, if we weren't like, "But when are we going to find time to do all the stuff we were going to do!? Aaaaahhhh!!" Still, after the hard work we were doing last week, getting back to our more regular schedule almost feels like a vacation, so there should at least be some relaxation. We'd just take a few days off anyway, but we want to save them for when we can go to Disneyland (we're waiting to get paid).

Today I'm thankful for having paying work to do, getting our column finished, the yummy ice cream cake we had last night, new Castle tonight, and our new lecture thingie being pretty enjoyable.