April 30th, 2011


Happy my birthday!

Actually, that should be "happy our birthday," but "happy my birthday" is more phonetically pleasing in my ears. So far it's pretty great, and the weather is gorgeous!

To be honest, we were a little worried about how things were going to turn out. As I may have mentioned before, there was a big service project today! From what we've heard, apparently all the LDS wards/stakes/branches/etc. in the whole western United States are having a Mormon Helping Hands day, where they're helping the community! Our stake joined with another one in the area to help clean up a park, and while we weren't excited about waking up early to go, we were a little excited about doing service on our birthday! Because that way, even more people can have a happy our birthday!

But then there was a snag. It didn't seem like a snag at first; in fact, it seemed like the opposite of a snag. The guy in charge of coordinating our ward for the project was recently assigned to be our home teacher, so he called to let us know that, and ask us if we would be willing to help out with a little branch service project. Part of the park would be in use by another group today, so the cleaning or painting or carpentry or whatever it was that needed to be done for that area (this project has it all!) needed to be done at a different time. So he called on Wednesday to see if we could make it last night to help out, and we were all for it. And he said he could pick us up, so we didn't need to worry about finding a ride.

But last night came and went without even a phone call. We knew we were supposed to have heard from him on Thursday, so we even made sure to call the person we were originally planning to ask for a ride to see if she could take us this morning. She didn't answer her phone (nor, apparently, did she check her voice mail). So we were afraid that we had been forgotten! And we were a little sad when we went to bed last night.

Turns out we were forgotten. That was a little okay with us, because we were exhausted from our busy busy week, and we liked the idea of sleeping in. So how long did we get to sleep? We were awake by seven-thirty. How that happened without an alarm is a mystery to me, especially since we had been up talking until almost one. I guess this last week had a deeper effect than we thought.

We made one last attempt at getting a late ride to the project...which was kind of half-hearted, because really what happened was this: Athena had planned to go with her visiting teaching companion after the project to delivery cookies to all the girls they visit teach (more happy our birthdays!). So she called her companion (who was about the only person we could think of to pick us up by this time) to let her know she still wanted to do that. We thought, "Maybe she'll offer to come get us and maybe not." As it is, we're not sure she's even remembered that phone call of a few hours ago, because the project should have ended by now. She probably got caught up in something else and forgot, as is her wont.

So anyway, we seem to have been forgotten on our birthday. But! more than that, we've been remembered! Yay! Through the magic of Facebook, we've received birthday messages from some unexpected sources! And we got a card yesterday, and some emails! (Thanks, everyone!)

After making sure to do a little service from home (indexing names for FamilySearch.org), we decided to spend our birthday with some of our favorite manga. Service and manga make everything better. And while we were spending time with our favorite manga, Celeste called! She and Sarah are taking us out to dinner! And of course they let us choose the restaurant! So we're going to Marie Callender's! I wonder if you get free pie on your birthday...

Oh! I almost forgot! One of the neatest things we got on our birthday (actually the day before our birthday, but we decided it counts anyway) was an eBook! But the great thing about it was that we got it from Nathan Fillion! He gave us a birthday present! We got a birthday present from Nathan Fillion! (I'm saying it a lot because I like it.) But really, he just sent a link to all his Twitter followers where they could get the book for free. Still! He said "it's my gift to you." If that doesn't say birthday present from Nathan Fillion, I don't know what does. (Maybe something like, "Hey, I'm Nathan Fillion. Happy birthday; here's a gift.")

We also got our DVD course on Building Better Sentences! When we tracked it yesterday, it said it was coming yesterday. And then it didn't come yesterday, so we tracked it again last night, and they said, "It's on schedule! It's coming tomorrow!" And we were like, "Well it's easy to be on schedule when the schedule keeps changing! Rar!" So we didn't really trust that it was actually coming today (it being Saturday) until we tracked it this morning and saw that it was on a truck for delivery in our town. And it came! But we read the course introduction yesterday, and it was a little brain hurty, so we think we'll save the learnin' for next week. Which is also when we can start watching Danny Phantom! It's back on Nick! At eleven in the morning! But that's okay, because it's just in time for our vacation! Danny Phantom = ♥. And we've decided that that's our birthday present from Nickelodeon. (We have such a convenient birthday.)

Okay, I think I'm done rambling now. We're thinking of watching an episode of Star Trek next. We thought it would be fun to eat an M&M every time there was a pointlessly long dramatic close-up, but we're not sure we want to use our M&Ms for something like that. If only we had Pixie Stix. We have juice. If only we still had our Goku and Tenshi ni Narumon! shot glasses. (Athena says she thinks we do somewhere, but then we'd have to find them, and extended searches are not for our birthday.)

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful weather on our birthday, getting a birthday present from Nathan Fillion (maybe someday we'll actually find time to read it...), getting to spend some time with some of our favorite manga, Celeste and Sarah being kind enough to take us to dinner, and all the wonderful birthday wishes.