April 29th, 2011



Today turned out to be a day off after all! While it's probably not good that we don't have any worked lined up, we could really use a little vacation. So we won't be emailing our clients until next week. In the meantime, my chest still hurts, so time for silly little things.

For example, we decided that it was time to fill a gap in our geek knowledge and watch some of the original Star Trek. (This could also come in handy if we ever get to translate something sci-fi or military-ish or something.) So we went to startrek.com and started with the first episode! Collapse )

In other news, Athena and I both have some pretty spectacular bruises on our legs from our attempt at the three-legged race at Home Evening Group last night. We should start an awareness campaign or something: Never, ever, EVER use twine or rope in a three-legged race. You can get muslin for 99 cents a yard, shred it, and use that. Much safer.

Now it's time to enjoy the rest of our day off. Today I'm thankful for free (and legal) episodes of Star Trek online, not having to work today, our Great Courses lectures being scheduled to arrive today, having time to scrub the sink, and the peanut butter M&Ms and pretzels that sustained us through our work yesterday when we had to skip snack time (we don't usually like working and eating at the same time, but yesterday, it was vital).