April 19th, 2011


Preparing for the worst.

We probably should have worked for another hour today, but we're having an especially difficult time pushing ourselves. Apparently it's contagious, because Oreo is adamantly refusing to eat. We've been coming up to him with spoonfuls of food so he can eat without even getting up, and he'll just turn his nose up at them. It's even gotten to the point where he'll get up and walk away to escape the temptation.

That being the case, we're more than a little concerned that he might really be about to leave us this time. So, when not focusing on work, we've been alternately accepting the situation, breaking into tears, and thinking, "Why won't you eat, you stupid cat!?" We did come up with the idea that maybe he's just trying to prove to us that he can fast, so that we can finally get his teeth cleaned (the cat's not allowed to eat or drink for twelve hours before the teeth cleaning).

But anyway, it's been rough. The vet hasn't called to give us the lab results, either. Maybe they called on Sunday when we were gone, but it's strange that they haven't tried again. We can't help but wonder if they just don't want to give us the bad news. We'll see if they call to remind us about our followup exam on Friday.

He still likes to drink water, though, so Athena came up with a brilliant idea! and mixed some of his special prescription food into a soup. She brought it to him, and he starting drinking it! Yay!

...And then he got up and walked away, proceeding to his water bowl, where he drank copiously, apparently in an attempt to dilute the vile food from his system. We could just imagine him saying, "You tricked me!"


Today I'm thankful for managing to get plenty of work done regardless of distraction, getting a little bit of nourishment into Oreo's system (hopefully he hasn't been avoiding food because the digestive process is too painful or anything like that), the very yummy Easter cookies we made for Family Home Evening last night, Celeste being kind enough to drive us to Mom's house so we can use her scanner, and Mom being kind enough to let us use her scanner and washing machine.
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