April 16th, 2011


Kitty report

Well, not much different between now and the last time we posted. Collapse )

In the meantime, the doctor gave us some antibiotics and some prescription hypoallergenic food (in a can this time) to deal with the symptoms we've already identified. Athena got some food out for him as soon as we got him home and he nibbled at it! And then gave up and got some water. But the fact that he ate anything at all was very encouraging, as he'd been pretty much ignoring every attempt of ours to feed him. (Usually when he had trouble eating, he would stare longingly at the food before walking away sadly. Either he was feeling differently bad this time, or it's happened so many times he's learned not to bother anymore.)

We've given him some medicine, and he seems to be ever so slightly more energetic. We think we got a little overeager with the food, though. When he ate a bite or two and left, we figured we should put it in the fridge to keep it fresh, but he doesn't like his food cold, so whenever we thought, "Hey, maybe he's ready to eat something now!" we'd pull it out of the fridge and microwave it. The process rendered the food slightly more disgusting (visually for sure, but apparently taste-wise as well) each time, so he lost interest. Now when we try to give him food right out of the can, he just ignores it.

But! he is interested in drinking some milk. And we went to the store today and got some Fancy Feast appetizers, in the hopes of giving him some meat juice. But we decided to wait until he seemed more interested in eating before shoving it in his face.

On the way home from the vet, our ride apologized that we had to miss the church activity last night (because we were picking Oreo up right after the time the activity was supposed to start). That's when I was like, "Ooooohhhh nooooo!" Why was he apologizing? The fact that he remembered it means he might have been planning on going! And we made him miss it! And he was apologizing to us!? Aaaaaahhhhh! I mean, it's true there aren't a whole lot of options for rides at two in the afternoon, so we really needed him then, but at six forty-five, everybody's done working! We could have called somebody else! Why didn't he say something when I called him!?

Oh well. He seemed sincere enough when he said he didn't mind. And if he did mind, he should have said something. Sigh. People are so weird.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo having treatable symptoms, the guy from church being nice enough to come back to help us pick Oreo up from the vet, peanut butter-filled pretzels being on sale (two fairly large bags for $3!), Oreo eating (even if only a little tiny bit), and the chance to get some exercise by walking to the store.