April 15th, 2011


Not a good day.

Wow, today has been incredibly bad. Like wow. We were already really worried about Oreo, which was a significant source of stress. I mean, we were already crying about the possibilities (he's an old cat, he's already tentatively been diagnosed with cancer...), but we decided to accept whatever happens, and in the meantime, do what we can. So we decided to take him to the vet!

But first! We had to make sure to get our taxes paid. Our recent history with taxes has been that we spend May to December making just enough money to get by, if we're lucky, and then from January to April, we have the illusion of wealth. Then we pay our taxes and repeat the cycle. We were pretty optimistic about it (still are, because things change and stuff), but the sudden drainage of our bank account is never pleasant to witness.

So we put our taxes in the mail, made an appointment for Oreo, and then had a bit of a hard time getting a ride, so we decided to try again in a few minutes. We checked our email and our day off suddenly got canceled. Not only did it get canceled, but the assignment we got is the most stressful part of our confidential project--dealing with editor feedback. I don't know; maybe we're too sensitive. We tend to imagine that people are always talking down to us, and it makes the "dealing with feedback" part a lot harder to deal with. We're working on it...or we're reminding ourselves that we need to work on it.

Well, we didn't have to get started right away, so we continued on to Twitter, where we discovered that TokyoPop is shutting down. In all honesty, we're not surprised, and we're not shocked. Our boss told us on Monday to stop working, so it did occur to us to prepare for the worst. (When I mentioned it here the other day, I made sure not to say which company told us to stop working, because fans tend to blow things out of proportion, but it looks like they would have been right this time.) Looking at the narrow silver lining, at least they weren't planning to fire us due to our incompetence. But now we've lost the one source of income that was relatively constant (though it was also the smallest). Thinking about it, it seems like our most stable sources of income are the ones that tend to suddenly go up in smoke. I don't think I like this trend.

So we called and, thankfully, got a ride to the vet, and then we decided we should, like, get to work or something. I don't know if it's that the assignment was even more stressful than we thought it would be or if we were just not in a good enough frame of mind to handle it, but it wasn't happy. Finally it was lunchtime, which was good not because we were hungry (far from it), but because it was an excuse to get away from work.

As I was cooking my sandwich, our ride to the vet called and canceled. The one piece of hope we had all day was that we were going to take Oreo to the vet and now that hope was gone. I kind of freaked out at her (our ride). But she was nice enough to call around (we'd already exhausted our small list of options), and about seven minutes later, hope returned. We had a ride to the vet! Yay!

So we took Oreo to the vet, we explained everything that was going on, and, since all the easily detectable stuff was normal, they kept him for blood work. The guy who was kind enough to drive us to the vet is a flight attendant who's on call, so there's a possibility he won't be able to drive us back to get Oreo, but it will be later in the day, so it should be easier to get a hold of people with "real jobs." I just really hope we get good news.

Today I'm thankful for our friend being kind enough to find a ride for us, her friend being kind enough to drive us to the vet, escapism via Cartoon Brew's videos of Ward Kimball (one of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men) on old game shows, all the great titles we were blessed to translate through TokyoPop, and not being entirely unemployed.

EDIT: We got a call from the vet. Blood work was normal (when I heard that, I was like, "Oh no, not again..."), but! they think they found bacteria in his urine. They sent it to the lab to make sure, and in the meantime, they've got him on IV fluids because he was a little dehydrated. In the meantime, it might sound a little heartless to be happy to hear that he might have a bacterial infection, but bacteria sounds so much more treatable than cancer. But we're cautiously optimistic, because as Tohru Honda says, you can't underestimate a cold. Plus they're not sure yet if that's what it is. We're hoping it is, and that it's easily cured.