March 29th, 2011

kid flash


Oh man, today started out stressful. We were hoping to work on Ace Attorney, but something else came up, so we worked on that instead. It was only a little scary because we checked our Ace Attorney contract and realized our deadline is Thursday. Athena knew it was Thursday, but she was afraid it might be tomorrow, so it was a good thing to find out, but then the other thing came up, so it was a little scary. But we finished that, and made some progress on Ace Attorney, and it's going well and not killingly. We might just go ahead and keep working on it all night except that tonight is the night of the Young Women's Activity! Tadah!

On the sad side, our copy of Tangled did not arrive in the mail today. This can be considered a good thing, because now we don't have to stay up to watch it (not that it would have been a requirement anyway, but we would have), and we can spend a little more time after the activity working on Ace Attorney. But mostly it's a bad thing because we wanted Tangled waaaaaaaaahhh!

We'll get over it.

And hopefully the Blu-ray will arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, we did get our manga from Kinokuniya, so we might go ahead and stay up late reading that instead. Or we'll work on Ace Attorney. Or maybe we'll just go to bed early! That would be unusual. We'll just have to see.

Today I'm thankful very for making good progress on work today, getting shiny new manga, having the opportunity to share the manga love with the young women in Mom's ward (though I am a little nervous about it), having managed to maintain our sanity, and juice.