March 28th, 2011


Ooohhh yeeeaaahhh...

Oh, right. LiveJournal. I almost forgot such a thing existed until Athena reminded me of it just a minute or two ago. It's only especially strange, because despite my forgetting LJ existed, we'd been checking it regularly all day.

It's been a strange...however long it's been.

Anyway. Yesterday we ended up not turning on the computer at all, because I spent the time before church that we're normally on the computer practicing the piano, since I hadn't all week and I needed to play the hymns in sacrament meeting. Then we got home an hour before bedtime, and since our computer takes about fifteen minutes to start up (we think it has something to do with warming up, so maybe we won't have so many problems when the weather warms up), we were like, "We could spend forty-five minutes on the computer...or we could read manga." So we read manga. Tadah!

Right. The middle of that story involved us going to Mom's house. Tadah! She had invited us over for dinner, so that's where we went! Celeste was there, too, but she had to grade papers. It was actually pretty fascinating to be there when she did it, because we'd never seen the teacher's side of high school. I think the main thing I learned about it is that a lot of students will edit their papers on the computer and accidentally forget or delete key words from their sentences. Proofreading is our friend.

She also showed us the notes a couple of her students wrote her when she told them she didn't care if they hated Shakespeare, just as long as they told her why so she could help alleviate the problem. The first one sent a note that said, "Sorry, but I hate Shakespeare. I don't know why. Here's a picture of me riding a giraffe." And it did indeed have a picture of him riding a giraffe, and it was adorable. The other note was from his friend, who hated Shakespeare, "It is because he is bald," and included a picture of him boxing a bull (which was actually more like a minotaur), while his friend watched from his giraffe.

There was some lovely conversation with Mom and Steve, and after dinner, we decided to watch a movie. Originally, we were going to watch Wolverine, because, as I have failed to mention several times in the past, Sarah is having a baby. They recently discovered that it was going to be a boy, and after her husband told her not to think too hard about naming him, they decided to call him Logan James. When Mom told us this, she pointed out that they were not naming him after Wolverine--a thought that never occurred to us, because we never knew both of Wolverine's real names.

Come to think of it, it is kind of odd that Mom would be informing us of such a geeky factoid, but anyway, when we declared that we were certain that Sarah and her husband, whether they care to admit it or not, are, in fact, naming their son after Wolverine, Steve was like, "What?" and Mom was like, "That's his name, isn't it?" and we were all like, "Iunno." I know; we fail as geeks. But anyway, we decided to watch the Wolverine movie to find out.

As it turned out, Mom and Steve do not, in fact, own the Wolverine movie. But that was okay, because we always think of the Wolverine movie in conjunction with a different movie, because one day Gaston told us all about that certain other movie, saying we needed to see Wolverine, but we had to see it first, because if we saw it after we saw Star Trek, we would just be disappointed.

So we filled in another gap in our geek knowledge and finally saw the new Star Trek movie! Of course, our geek knowledge is still sadly lacking, in that that movie is all we've seen of the original Star Trek, and it probably doesn't really count. Okay, it's not all we saw--we saw one episode of the original series when we were in Japan; they changed Sulu's name to Katou.

Anyway, as we had heard so many times, the Star Trek movie was great! Yay! But that's about all I have to say about that. Except that I want them to keep going to the alternate universe of Next Generation, because those are all the characters we're familiar with. Not that we didn't love all the characters in this movie.

And now it's time something else.

Today I'm thankful for another lovely dinner at Mom's house, finally getting to see that Star Trek movie, finishing our work for today (although we might get back to it), the really good lessons we had at church yesterday, and new Castle tonight.