March 20th, 2011



Just a little bit longer and we can get some relaxing in. In random news, I'm having a really difficult time getting used to this new lack of a hyphen in the word email. (When I typed it just now, I was so focused on leaving the hyphen out that I proceeded to miss the A. Not that I'm ever able to type a word correctly on the first try.)

Anyway, I'm very tired. Collapse )

And after all that, and my being upset with people, we had a very nice lesson on charity in Relief Society. That being the case, it's important for me to remember that the people at choir practice weren't trying to insult us or anything. They just knew what works for them and were trying to help.

Today I'm thankful for finally having a good chunk of time with which to relax, the very nice lesson we had on charity, the gospel doctrine teacher bringing treats, the yummy pita chips we had for lunch, and our friend not leaving church without us (which she would only do if she assumed we had another ride home, so it's not like we thought she'd ditch us, just that we weren't sure, since we had been talking to Celeste, if she thought maybe we'd be going home with Celeste or something).
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