March 19th, 2011



We got more tone today! Yay! After we opened our tone last time, we decided we should probably get some more, since most of the stuff we got was really backgroundy (we're suckers for grab bags), and we figured we ought to get some textury stuff to use for clothes and stuff. So we did! And it came today! And it also came with an adorable paper crane, because Akadot Retail is selling paper cranes for $5 to raise money to help Japan! It's so cute! It's on our desk right now, but we figure we're going to have to move it soon--before the predators come out. *eyes Page*

Interestingly enough, we did get to go out to dinner last night. It wasn't a treat or anything; we had to pay for ourselves and Celeste. But the fact that Celeste just happened to want to get out of the house last night, and just happened to remember that we'd been promising to take her to IHOP both worked together to help us get a change of scenery, which was very good I think. Tender mercies indeed. Also, chicken and waffles for the win!

After we got back from dinner, we watched the end of Supernanny (the main drawback of last night--we missed the first half), and then we watched Disney's Dinosaur for the first time since it was at BYU's Varsity Theater back in, like, 2000 or 2001. Just as we remembered, the visuals were stunning. The story is interesting enough, but it was a little slow because they wanted to take time to show us all their stunning visuals. That's the problem with visually stunning movies.

Another thing that may have contributed to our lack of enthusiasm for this film (although to be fair, it held my attention for pretty much the whole thing, which is always a good sign, and we like a lot of the themes in it) is that we realized last night that we have a very, very difficult time caring about lizards. So we had to think of all the lizardy characters we could and see if we could find any we liked. Aside from Ben Ali Gator and his crew in Fantasia, every one we came up with was a character we were like, "eh," about (or actively disliked), until we remembered Jim Henson's Dinosaurs TV series. That show was brilliant.

Aaanyway. I'm done rambling now. Today I'm thankful for getting to go out to dinner last night, having more tone, cute little paper cranes, Fudge Stripe cookies being available for a low price at Fresh & Easy, and getting our chores done today.