March 2nd, 2011


Kitty Cooperation

Oreo and Page still aren't the best of friends by a long shot, but they are willing to work together when it comes to begging for food. Oreo's been tormenting Athena ever since we went back to Standard Time, trying to get her to give them an early dinner, and lately he's been recruiting Page for help. Still, it didn't take him long to learn that she's not much use to him in that regard (but she still tries), so he's turned back to his old method of getting Athena's attention by eating paper.

We're convinced he only does it because paper makes a loud noise when trying to eat it, because there's no way it tastes better than the dry food that's already sitting in the kitchen, waiting for him to eat it, if he's that desperate for a between-meal snack. But all it does is make Athena mad, because she knows as well as he does that if he eats the paper, he'll only be hacking it back up later.

So when he started eating paper again today, Athena would have none of it. She picked him up and exiled him to the spare bedroom. And that story isn't really exciting anymore, but it was adorable that Page saw the closed door and acted like maybe she cared about poor Oreo locked inside. But most likely it was just her normal, "Hey! Why is this door closed!?" type of pitiful meowing.

Oh! We were wondering if anyone has enough expertise with Outlook Express to help us figure out why we can't seem to send e-mails from it. We can receive e-mails just fine, but the only time sending e-mail works is when we send it to each other--different identities managed on the same program, on the same computer. Normally, we just go to Gmail to send e-mail, but we're finding ourselves wanting to solve the problem if we can. We have Outlook Express 6, if that makes a difference. Can anybody help?

Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation of Happy Cafe, cooperating kitties, getting to read manga today, a new episode of The Middle tonight, and the adorable baby raccoons on the little picture filling up the extra boxes for March on our calendar.