February 25th, 2011



Today went from a deliberate hiding-from-the-world day to an accidental hiding-from-the-world day! We woke up to find an e-mail in our inbox that had us stressing out majorly. It wasn't anything bad (in fact it was very good), but there were factors that made it stressful. And despite knowing full well that the person we were e-mailing would answer all our e-mails promptly, we insisted on taking an hour or so to Do Stuff between sending an e-mail and checking for a response. So it was a couple of hours before all our questions were answered and our stress alleviated.

After that, we took a little bit of time to get some work done and wind down, and then it was time for visiting teaching! It was really only Athena who had visiting teaching appointments, but since one of the girls she visits is an anime fan and we think it would be good to be friends, I tagged along. During the visit, we discovered that she loves to play Mario Kart, but her family won't play with her because she's so good at it. Well, as it so happened Ponyo (Athena's companion) loves Mario Kart, too, and I've been getting destroyed at Mario Kart for years, so we were happy to play with her!

That's how we learned that we're terrible at playing Mario Kart on the Wii. It's really funny, because back in the old days, when controllers didn't have motion sensors, all the novice gamers would try to control their controller like a steering wheel, and it was always pretty amusing to watch them get all worked up, jumping when they wanted their guy to jump and stuff. You play those games long enough and you learn to hold still, because moving the controller won't do anything but expend energy. Now with the Wii, moving the controller like that (except for the jumping part) is exactly what you're supposed to do! I couldn't take my finger off the control pad. It was pretty funny.

And that's how our afternoon disappeared. But it was really fun.

Today I'm thankful for happy e-mails, getting to visit new friends, getting to experience the Wii version of Mario Kart, having a bag of Reese's Miniatures, and getting to the end of that chapter of Happy Cafe.