February 16th, 2011


Anime Expo Retro

We're still waiting for books to arrive to work on work stuff, so today it was back to organizing the apartment. On the agenda: folding up fabric (as opposed to wadding it in a ball, eheh), putting it in a shiny new (cardboard) box, and writing down a list of what all we have and where (which costume) it came from/was supposedly going. I discovered that we have a lot of really pretty fabric! And I was like, "I really should get to work on those Ace Attorney costumes..." But with all the impending Stuff in our future, we really shouldn't plan on starting any costumes until we have a clearer idea of what exactly is going to be happening soon.

So now we're just going to encourage the cosplay bug Collapse )

That's all for now! We figure approximately twenty photos at a time is enough. We only got permission from two people, so if anybody has any objections to these photos, let us know and we'll take them down. Also, if anybody who was in our group at this AX wants any of the full-sized versions of these photos, we think that can be arranged (unless Gochan (the photographer) tells us not to, in which case, we're sorry, our hands are tied).

Today I'm thankful for nostalgic photo CDs, having an ever so slightly more organized fabric collection, remembering what really pretty fabric we have so that someday I might be inspired to use it, e-mails with exciting propositions, and all the pretty white flowers on our tree outside (it's like popcorn!).