February 1st, 2011


Aaaaahhh!! Aaaaahhh!! Aaaaahhh!!

So yesterday our manga package came, because apparently talking about Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas too early makes them stall. Or it was the super-thick fog. Whatever. Anyway, we have other stuff to do anyway, so it was just as well. The point is our package came yesterday, and that meant DN Angel today! The great thing about DN Angel is that we can translate an entire volume in the time it takes to listen to all three of the anime CDs of the same series. But then we don't have time to listen to the Trilogy CD that goes with the CD dramas, and that's a little sad, because much as we love Miyu Irino, Soichiro Hoshi really is the best Daisuke.

It was kind of interesting as we translated it, because I was like, "Yay, DN Angel! Heart heart heart heart heart♥ But all my comments are pretty much along the lines of heart heart heart heart heart, so I guess I won't talk about it on LJ that much." But then as we got closer and closer to the end, the hearts turned into "What's this...? What's this? What's this!? What!? WHAT'S THIS!!? AAAAAAHHH! AAAAAAHHH!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!" When we finished, we really were screaming out loud like that, too. I was kind of sad that there weren't any cats around to be startled, but apparently we really did wake up Oreo and remind him that dinner time isn't too far off, because here he is now! Staring. Not at us though. Just into space. He seems to still be half asleep♥

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Not so much with the coherency. But anyway, it's fun to laugh at how many of the story elements seem to have been heavily inspired by Kingdom Hearts. (Mainly for the last couple of story arcs.) And so of course we rushed to Yukiru Sugisaki's blog to get links to the sites of the magazines she draws for to see if we can get any kind of hint when volume 16 might be coming out, but not only is there no sign of DN Angel, there's no sign of anything else that she's working on! Noooooooo!! This is a terrible place to be left hanging! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!

In a complete change of subject (though I hesitate to change the subject from DN Angel), we had some very tasty candy bars yesterday! They each had three segments that were kind of like the Ghirardelli squares with the different fillings. One was chocolate with caramel, one was chocolate with peanut butter, and one was chocolate with the creme filling like you find in Cadbury Creme Eggs, only without being seasonal. They were soooo good, and I'm glad we thought to pick up extras. They were at the 99 Cents Only Store. The impulse-buy section had a bunch of them, and we wonder if the reason for that is that too many people were embarrassed to buy them at regular stores. Why? Because they're Twilight candy bars! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

We made sure to get the ones with the sexy werewolf on the wrapper, because we can't really understand what makes the vampire attractive (looks-wise, anyway), and the girl has this attitude (in the previews and promotional photos) that gets on our nerves.

But anyway, if you can find them, you should try them because they're tasty! Don't be shy! Chocolate is chocolate! You can't judge a candy bar by its wrapper! (Except where it tells you, like, what's in the candy bar and stuff. So you'd probably want to avoid it if you're allergic to peanuts, milk, eggs, or soy. But don't be allergic to vampires; that's just silly. I mean, obviously you're going to want to be cautious (at the very least) with vampires, but you know what I mean.)

Today I'm thankful for another great volume of DN Angel (Aaaaahhh!! Aaaaahhh!! Aaaaahhh!!), tasty Twilight candy bars, the second DN Angel soundtrack being very accommodating by playing just the right music to fit the mood of each scene (it was uncanny!), the ability to amuse myself greatly, and getting to enjoy the creme of Cadbury Creme Eggs without having to wait for Cadbury Creme Eggs.