January 25th, 2011



I don't know what to post about. So we thought about trying the voice post thing again, but we have plans tonight, which means we don't have time to do all the fun stuff we want to do, which means I want to not spend extra time trying to get voice posts to work. I think we'll have some extra time tomorrow, though, so maybe we'll try the voice post thing then.

In the meantime... Um... Oh right. Our computer has started doing a strange thing. It actually started a couple weeks or so ago, but it's persistent. We have the odd habit of turning our computer off at night when we're asleep, and lately, whenever we turn it on, it freezes during start up. You know that screen with the Windows logo and the little bar with the blue things that move across it (we're also still using XP)? When that's up, all the lights on the keyboard will flash and then turn off. And then the screen freezes.

When it first started, we turned the computer off and back on again, and it worked just fine. But this morning, we had to try four times before the computer came on! It's starting to remind me of when the CD drive decided to stop opening up. At first it was just slightly temperamental, but it got worse and worse until it stopped working altogether. Fortunately, we have the laptop in case the worst should happen, but we need to start burning our photos onto CDs or DVDs just in case. (We tried the CD drive just now, and it opened and closed, but it didn't read the CD we put in it. Hm.)

Today I'm thankful for getting e-mails we've been waiting for, the Wheat Thins we had for snack time, our computer being kind enough to work (we hope it continues to do so), pretty new Disney wallpapers, and getting to see the new Castle last night.