January 17th, 2011


Ooohhh noooo!

Reason number XX that scanslations hurt us personally: When we're translating, sometimes things will get really exciting, and we'll be like, "Yay! Everyone will be so excited to read this and find this stuff out!" and then a second later, we'll be like, "Except they already have. *pout*" Suddenly our work feels a lot less worthwhile.

Anyway. After a grueling two weeks of translating Negima! for the first omnibus, the marathon continues with volume thirty. We actually got a major head-start on it, because that's what we worked on while we waited to find out if we'd have digital scripts to alter for the omnibus. Turns out we only had about a chapter and a half left, and one of those chapters was almost all action! Lots of sound effects, not so much dialogue! And to make it even better, there's no lexicon! (Actually, that was a little sad, because there were a few things we would have liked to see official spellings on. But at least we didn't have to go searching the internet for lengthy quotes of Ovid or anything like that.)

But then! dun dun DUN! It was Return of the Taiwanese Translation Featurette! Oooohhhhh noooooooo!!! We can totally see why the Taiwanese translation would be fascinating to a native Japanese speaker, but trying to convey that same fascination to an English speaker with little to no knowledge of Japanese is a bit of a chore. Especially because now we're looking at copying and pasting a bunch of Chinese characters into the script and figuring out how to write their pronunciations. Sigh. (Though come to think of it, maybe we should check our English copy of volume twenty-three to see how much of that stuff ended up in the final version. We might save ourselves some work.)

On the bright side, I have a Page on my feet. Unfortunately, she's going to have to move soon. I guess we'll do a little online shopping before we leave the computer for the day.

Today I'm thankful for action-packed Negima! chapters (especially ones without so many creative sound effects), having a Page on my feet, finally having time to watch The Rescuers Down Under last night, the yummy Life cereal we had for breakfast, and people being kind enough to answer the question in our last post.