December 30th, 2010

kid flash

Hit the ground running

We got back from our little vacation last night, but we only really had time to check our e-mail and go to bed (and make an order from the Disney Movie Club, because we're more than a little obsessed), because we knew we'd have a full day today. Then today came, and... okay, so we have this really big project that we're supposed to be working on, that's due in two and a half weeks. But we still need some of the paperwork for it, and we had another question about it that we want an answer to before we get to work, because that'll affect the whole process.

So. We e-mailed our boss about it and oh no! he got stranded in vacationland due to a snowstorm and won't be able to answer our question until Monday. Monday!? Aaaahhhhh!! Hopefully this project will go quicker than we think. In the meantime, we decided to work on the project that's due after that, because it will be due soon enough after that that a head start will definitely be a good thing to have. Whew. And all we really want to do is play video games, but tonight we have FHE, and it will probably take longer than usually because we're going ice skating. On the bright side, ice skating! Hopefully it will involve actual skating, as opposed to flailing attempts at maintaining balance.

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Today I'm thankful for making it back safely from our trip, the cats both being alive when we got back, getting to meet our old Young Women's president, getting to stay in the hotel that has intrigued me since we were kids, and getting to see the LA temple.