December 24th, 2010


Merry Christmas (Eve)!

As expected, we were gone most of today. But we got to see Tangled again, so it's all good. That movie is so fantastic. And we spotted Pinocchio in the Snuggly Duckling! We wouldn't have if Disney Animation hadn't tweeted that he's in there. He's very well hidden, so I'm not really disappointed in us for not finding him sooner.

Um... other than that, it was Christmas Eve. We spent time with family, and Sarah and her husband opened their gifts, because they're going to spend all day with his family tomorrow. We watched Muppet Christmas Carol, which is just as good as always, and we worked on a puzzle. And Steve's mom is visiting, so they had some people show off some talents. And we had another bad reaction to a mention of piracy. Sigh.

Now we have to decide if, since we do that thing where instead of getting gifts for everyone, each person gets a gift for one other person, and we do it once for our biological family and once for the blended family members who will actually visit (suddenly I wonder if Sarah really counts in that...), Athena and I managed to be assigned each other! But we didn't go out and buy each other anything. We were going to try to get Mom to take us to do that, but we weren't the only ones with no time for anything and it didn't happen. So we have to decide (now I'm finally finishing that sentence I started!) if we're going to each close our eyes and pick a Disney DVD out of the package that arrived this morning and wrap it for the other one. Whether we do or not, we'll probably order real presents for each later... except that we really have been spoiling ourselves a lot since we got that one big paycheck... but I reeeeeally want the sheet music to the Tangled songs, and I don't think I'm getting it...

And it's not supposed to be about presents, so stop worrying about it! Man! ...but it's fun to open presents...

Anyway. It's late, and we need to go to bed.

Tonight I'm thankful for getting to watch Muppet Christmas Carol, getting to finally have some honeycomb candy again, getting our Disney DVDs this morning, finding surprise gifts from our visiting teachers last night (from Athena's) and tonight (from mine), and being home with our kitties again.