December 22nd, 2010


Potato potato

I'm trapped by an Oreo! Aaaaahhhh!!! Okay, so the scream is not sincere. He's just too adorable. But he is in a slightly precarious position. I feel like he could fall off my lap at any moment. But he'd probably just fall onto the chair. But speaking of kitties falling out of people's laps, Page really did! Oh, it was so cute and so pitiful. She just streeeeetched, and plop! onto the floor. Fortunately, Athena was sitting in a chair that has no legs, so she didn't fall very far. The only thing that got hurt was her pride, if that. She just got right back up and sat back down on Athena's lap.

Our Higurashi marathon continues. It's kind of funny, because when we first started the second volume in this arc, we were like, "Okay! We'll just go straight through and get this thing done in one go!" Then we finished the second volume, and we didn't have anything else to do but the third one, and we were like, "But I don't wanna work on Higurashi anymore!" Not because we're tired of it or anything, just because... well, maybe we were a little tired of it. We tend to want to change projects if we've been working on the same thing for more than a week (sometimes more than four days... sometimes more than three...). But we worked on it anyway, and while we're working on it, it's like, "Oooh, I'm so glad we're working on this, because I have no memory of what happened in the anime! Higurashi is so much fun!" And then we put it down, and almost immediately, it's like, "I don't wanna work on Higurashi anymore!" Sigh.

We're pretty sure part of it is that we want it to be Christmas now, darnit! Not for the presents, but for the time off of work. We want to be officially in "vacation mode."

But I'm going to change the subject completely and hope that enough people haven't been scared off by talk of Higurashi to answer a question. We found out from badtzphoto that they're using the term "moral squad" in the latest volume of Gakuen Alice. Our script had the term "moral police," which we find ourselves more attached to. We got it from a Japanese voice actor who was calling himself the "moral police (in English)" on Twitter when he was jokingly stopping people from talking about something lowbrow or something I don't remember.

Our personal preference, as you might guess, is "moral police." We feel like it rolls off the tongue better, and sounds nicer, and is just more fun. So we were wondering what everybody else thinks, because we're trying to improve our language skills. Are we justified in preferring moral police, or is moral squad really better? Why or why not? Any comments would be appreciated!

Today I'm thankful for Santa-themed Higurashi bonus pages in the volume we're working on at Christmastime, the Disney Movie Club being very nice and giving us a discount on shipping because of a mistake they made with our order (and we never said a word!), adorable captors, Oreo not actually falling (he almost did just now), and now being free to go have snack time.