December 18th, 2010


Why am I talking about work on a Saturday?

We've been taking it easy today. Actually, the "taking it easy" started yesterday. We've been working on the Atoning Arc of Higurashi, and we though it might be fun to finish the whole thing before the New Year. Would have been totally doable, too, but then we remembered we're going out of town the week after Christmas. We weighed our options--rushing to get it done anyway (which might involve working a little bit of overtime) or waiting until next month to translate the last two volumes--and decided our time would probably be better spent not rushing.

On the other hand, we have a couple of other projects coming up that we're also going to want to finish quickly, and January is when we're going to start getting assignments from TokyoPop again, so now that we're thinking about it, we really hope the books we need get here very quickly. But we still have work to do on Atoning Arc 2 on Monday, so, you know.

As for today, we wanted to just lie around playing Kingdom Hearts all day, but our consciences wouldn't allow it! So we did a few chores, and then we lay around playing Kingdom Hearts. We got right to the part where we're probably going to find out a ton of stuff we wanted to know... and decided it was time for sidequesting. We tend to like to keep ourselves in suspense for some reason.

Anyway. Time for some anime.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of work on the horizon, getting some chores done, having time to play Kingdom Hearts, the yummy chocolate chip cookies we baked last night during Supernanny, and it being almost time for a new episode of Li'l Pri!