December 17th, 2010


Thank you, Chair.

Today I leaned my chair back one time too many, and it broke. I'd been using that chair since we moved here. It was an old family chair, that our Uncle Paul made for us one Christmas. All our aunts' and uncles' families had one, because in the gift rotation, he just made a new one until everybody had one. And now ours is broken. We can probably fix it with some wood glue, though. I think.

So now I'm using one of the dining chairs that have pretty much been out of use since like forever. Mimsy really liked to sit in them during the summer, because the wood was a lot cooler than the carpet. I remember trying to use one at the computer once before, probably because a cat had stolen my usual chair, and it felt kind of odd. It's lower to the ground, and the seat slants a little. But now it feels just right, so maybe that means it was just time to switch.

The cats seem to really love the switch. I had Oreo on my lap for over an hour earlier, and since then, Page has been on my lap whenever I was at the computer. This time, she jumped in my lap as soon as I sat down, and then Oreo came and meowed disgruntledly. We don't know if it's because Page was here in general, or if it was because he wanted to sit in the new chair, too.

But speaking of kitties! we went to PetSmart today as part of our Christmas shopping! And we got gifts for the kitties! Page likes to assign enemy status to random things she can easily bat around, so we got her a little stocking with eleven! different ones! And we got a laser for Oreo! I don't know if he'll like it, because sometimes he likes to run around, and sometimes he really really doesn't. But! usually when I'm playing with him, he seems to get bored with whatever it is once he's caught it. And you can't catch a laser! So hopefully he'll like it.

That wasn't all our Christmas shopping. We got gifts for people, too! But of course that always triggers the, "But what if they don't like it!?" panic mode. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for owning more than two chairs, getting our Christmas shopping mostly done, having time to take a cute picture of our avatar at Square-Enix Members, Celeste being kind enough to drive us again, and our shiny new manga arriving! And the chair that I used for these last six years. (Incidentally, Page got up for some reason, and about a minute later, now Oreo is in my lap.)