December 11th, 2010


Cat Haven

We were very good today and made ourselves do chores before turning on Kingdom Hearts! Tadah!

As part of the chores, we did laundry! which meant going outside to find the Wanderer. The Wanderer is the cat that the manager asked if she was ours. We see her about half the time we go outside these days, just hanging out by our neighbor's door. She's awfully pretty.

Actually, our first encounter with her was before the manager came around looking for her owner. One night, there was a meow at the door. Page heard it and meowed back, and then there was a nice long chorus of meowing for a while. We thought about opening the door to see the mystery cat, but last time we let our cats out to meet a stranger, it ended with a kitty falling off a balcony, and we didn't want any repeats.

The cats have all been introduced since then. Oreo's still constantly begging to be let outside for some reason (we're wondering if it's seasonal...), so when we got back from the temple on Tuesday night, Oreo was right there, ready to dash outside! The Wanderer also happened to be right there, and they found themselves face to face. It was a rather intense two seconds. But after staring at her, Oreo walked right on by and continued his regular investigation of the veranda area. Of course, Page was not to be left out, so she came to see what was going on, and now she's a little nervous around both Oreo and the Wanderer.

During laundry today, we ran into our neighbor as she was taking out her trash, and she revealed that the Wanderer's owner has yet to be found. But since she tends to hang out by our neighbor's door, she lets her inside and feeds her. Apparently our neighbor runs a temporary kitty refuge type thing, because while our cats were having a party outside with the Wanderer, another cat jumped up on the windowsill to view the proceedings, and Neighbor told us that he doesn't really belong to her, either. But she took him in and got him fixed, which she can have done for free. I should have asked her what she does... Hmm. Now she's keeping him inside because he's recovering from an operation.

Then! as we were coming back from getting quarters, we saw another cat wandering the premises. There are so many cats at our complex! It's like a cat haven. I love it!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see lots of pretty kitties all around (interesting commonality: they're all monochrome; no colored cats here (that we know of)), the awesomeness that is the level of Kingdom Hearts we played today, getting our chores done, having yummy sugar cookies to snack on, and finally getting to watch another episode of Li'l Pri (we got all caught up last week, so now we have to wait for new episodes...).
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