December 9th, 2010



Last night as I was practicing the piano, Leia called and said that the plans she and Han had had been canceled, and did we want to go see Tangled? Did we ever! So off we went to the movies!

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After we got home from the movie, we had a shipping confirmation from Play-Asia! Woohoo! And we tracked our package, and Fedex says Kingdom Hearts Re:coded should be arriving by ten-thirty tomorrow morning! Eeeeeee!! And to make things even better, we got an e-mail giving us the go-ahead to work on the next Higurashi, which means we have work!

Although the timing for that one is a little unfortunate, because we wanted to take a day off to play our new Kingdom Hearts game. But we started work on it today, and the translation is progressing satisfactorily, so we think we'll take the day off anyway. Unless the package decides to come later than ten-thirty, in which case we'll probably work to kill time.

Today I'm thankful for having seen Tangled again, a new Kingdom Hearts game being on its way!, having work to do!, mini French baguettes, and people who are kind enough to realize we can't get text messages and call to let us know that FHE is being held early this week.