December 7th, 2010



I think antsy is the term for today. First off, we don't have any work right now. We turned in our latest thing for TokyoPop and got told we'd get our next assignment next month. Next month is kind of far away, so we're hoping they meant "next week," but it is December, so... Of course there's the possibility of work from other companies, but that's not the case today, when a distraction would be helpful. Not that we need to be distracted from anything serious, just that we're impatient.

See, we had been waiting on a large sum of money that built up some as we waited, and it finally arrived yesterday! Woohoo!! ...but we have to deposit it before we can buy anything, and the bank is a little too far for a nice, leisurely walk. And unfortunately, Mom's schedule is a little too busy right now to give us a ride. It's times like these I really think we need to figure out a way to stop depending on other people for rides, but our cash supply is so low we can't even consider the bus right now.

And so we are impatient. There are so many things we've been waiting and waiting and waiting to buy, and now we finally can! Only we can't yet! So close, and yet... But we still have to be super super careful about how much we end up buying, because even with as much money as we got, it feels like it will never be enough to pay the bills. And then when taxes hit... *shudder*

In the meantime, Oreo seems pretty impatient, too. At first he seemed impatient for us to let him outside, but now that I'm finally all ready to do just that, he's only interested in the kitchen. Silly kitty, it's much too early for dinner.

So we called Leia (random return to the original subject), and asked her if she wanted to see Tangled. We were thinking of inviting her to see Tangled anyway, because it's been out for a whole two weeks! and we've only seen it once, and now that we have money that situation is in much need of repair (of course when we ask people to drive us to the movies, we buy their tickets). But to be honest, the need of a ride to the bank definitely encouraged me to make the phone call. Why don't we ever invite her over when we don't need a ride somewhere? We need to be better friends. But we were fully intending on following through with plans to see Tangled whether she or Han could take us to the bank or not! Anyway, she's going to be very very nice and take us to the bank during her lunch break tomorrow. And then we'll finally be able to order Kingdom Hearts re:coded! And Fantasia! And manga! And more Disney DVDs! And more manga! And Christmas presents and stuff!

And in the meantime... we wait, I guess.

Today I'm very thankful for finally getting the checks we were waiting for, Leia being so kind as to drive us to the bank during her lunch break, having plans to see Tangled again, ginger spice cookies, and a lovely Family Home Evening last night.