December 5th, 2010


Maple adventures

We're back from Sarah's birthday dinner! Yay!

It was kind of interesting going over to Mom's place. Our ward finishes before everyone else's, but we figured, since it was Sarah's birthday and we were already imposing enough on Mom by borrowing rent money again (we're only living outside our means because the money we earned isn't coming! but we really aren't spending that recklessly, I promise!), that we shouldn't make them send someone to pick us up, and we went straight to Mom's house from church.

When we got there, we saw The Cake. Athena saw it first, and pointed out The Nuts. Nuts? Oh well, Sarah's weird like that, and it's her birthday. But then I looked at it and noticed that the frosting was maple-colored. So I went over to the cake and smelled it, and it was maple-scented! No! Maple is one of my favorite flavors, but if the cake has nuts...! Aaaaahhhh! And what's worse, we couldn't tell if they were walnuts or pecans. We realize that the difference is probably obvious, but as estranged from nuts as we are, we didn't know for sure.

I was all ready to be deeply offended, but it was Sarah's birthday, not mine, and besides, maybe the nuts were just there for decoration? So we explored the kitchen for the remains of cake-making to see what evidence we could find. And there, on the counter, was a half-empty bag of pecans. So that meant that there were probably nuts in the cake, but at least they were pecans, which aren't as evil as walnuts. They all say you can't taste them, but that's a lie.

But! we tried the cake anyway! Ha! And I took all the nuts out of mine! Ha! Fortunately, I got a piece that didn't have many nuts in it. (I should point out that despite our inability to remember what pecans look like as opposed to walnuts, we have tried them in the semi-recent past. They tasted like wood. Celeste says that's wrong because we don't know what wood tastes like, but they do. Also, we do know what wood tastes like, because popsicle sticks are made of wood, and it's no fun to throw the popsicle stuck away just because the flavored ice is gone.) And the cake was really good, but alas the maple was a little too intense. I think I was just not prepared, because we didn't eat anything very savory at dinner. But it was tasty. And Sarah really liked it, so that's the important thing.

But before the cake, we watched a movie, which turned out to be Elf, because people were suggesting movies, and Athena, remembering that it's Christmastime and that Elf is one of Sarah's favorite movies, threw that out as a possibility. And then I was a terrible person and whispered to Athena, "Why did you say that?" and started complaining about how I didn't want to see it. Sarah overheard me and almost decided not to watch it after all! Oh no! But we watched it anyway, and I was only a little bit of a brat during it. But mostly I tried to focus on the good parts.

And now we're home and Oreo is on my lap. Awwww. And I think we need to watch an episode of Host Club and then go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for maple cake, the dream of one day having maple-flavored desserts without worrying about nuts, the brilliant combination of maple and peanut butter (I have maple on the brain right now...), Mom and Steve being kind enough to loan us rent money again, and the wonderful church meetings we had today.