December 3rd, 2010


Getting almost creative

We were so proud of ourselves at Family Home Evening last night. The activity was making Christmas cards, because next week, we're going to go to an old folks' home to deliver the cards and sing carols. Normally when the activity is something personally and yet generically creative like that, we tend to just sit and, at best, pick up a marker and scribble a blob that isn't ever going to make it onto a completed card. But last night, we actually made cards! Wow! Two each! Even more impressive!

Somebody brought a bunch of stamps, but they weren't all Christmas or winter stamps, so Athena took advantage! She stamped a house with snow on it on the front of a card, and then used another stamp that said "Happy Trick-or-Treating!" And wrote, "Wait..." underneath it. Then you open the card and it has the same house, only with a stamp that says "Seasons Greetings!" and another one that was like "May your Christmas grow with love" or something, and she drew some little carolers. It was pretty awesome. At least, if you share our sense of humor.

Oh, but it was hard. Whenever we thought we were done, we'd glance at the finished card and need to tweak something. That's all well and good--it's best to make really good cards, after all--but sometimes the tweaking just made it worse! Oh no! And it wasn't erasable! Aaaahhh! Fortunately, it never made it much worse, so as long as we convinced ourselves to put the card down and back away, it was fine.

Of course, there were much more impressive cards than ours. We really are not that creative in the "here, make something" sense. (Our creativity is more of the, "Ooooh, I like that! Let's make one!" variety.) There was a kid there who made a pop-up Christmas tree card! Unfortunately, he made it with a glue stick, so it kind of started falling apart. But before it started falling apart, it looked great!

And then we failed to have coffee cake again because we were pinned by kitties. And also because there were mini donuts for refreshments at FHE, so we were kind of that-kind-of caked out. But only for the day, of course.

Today I'm thankful for being creative enough to make two cards each!; mini donuts for refreshments; stories about children's choir performances including a Christmas song, a Hanukkah song, and an encore of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"; it being such a nice night for baking cookies; and having (store-bought) cookie dough ready to bake!