November 30th, 2010



We encountered a very strange phenomenon today. See, we're working on Happy Cafe, right? The series that just about every American manga reviewer has called a "cookie-cutter shoujo..." something. You know, like the pure crystallization of everything shojo manga. So we're working on volume nine (an awesome volume right from the start), and we're translating the chat column thingie, and Matsuzuki-sensei is all excited because she's starting to get letters from her male fans. And then! then! she says she keeps getting told that Happy Cafe is not like regular shōjo manga. Clearly the Japanese expect different things of syouzyo manga than Americans do. We shall need to do some investigating.

In other news... there's not really a lot of other news, except for some speculation about work that probably doesn't belong on LJ. So instead, I'm going to talk about Twitter! First of all, Disney Animation just started a trivia thing where you get points for right answers, and then you can check their Facebook page to see where you rank! We're such suckers for Disney trivia.

Second of all, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to follow funny people on Twitter, the very tasty bag of pita chips we just ate, Disney trivia hosted by Disney, intriguing mysteries about shôjo manga, and fun with romanizations.