November 22nd, 2010



I don't think this coupon printing program likes us very much. We've been trying forever to print a coupon for the third Tinker Bell movie, and it's just not happening. Ah well.

One of the things that was aggravating yesterday's grumpiness was that the Relief Society president called and asked us if we could help clean the temple again. We really do like to help, but I was already grumpy, and the idea of waking up early to do chores wasn't helping. Plus, we didn't get to sleep in on Saturday, and we were hoping to sleep in today. Still, we knew it would be good for us to go, so we agreed to do it anyway.

And tadah! now we're feeling a lot better! It's true that doing things to help people really does cure a bad mood. This time, we were in charge of restocking paper supplies, like paper towels and toilet paper. And that went a lot quicker than dusting, so we even got out early!

Then, since we were feeling better about life and it was nice and sunny (and therefore not gloomy and creepy outside), we decided to face our fear of stop-motion animation and finally watch the copy of James and the Giant Peach that we've had for over two years. Turns out it's a pretty cute movie, and the stop-motion animation is only slightly creepy. Jack Skellington is funny with a pirate beard.

It reminds me of one time one of our past home teachers was talking about this class of fifth graders that he was teaching or something? He put in James and the Giant Peach to show them, and one of the little girls protested because the movie was scary. I think he let her go to the bathroom or something, and instead of coming back to her seat, she hid in the back corner of the classroom, and she was crying, "I told you it's scary!" Apparently we're not the only ones with an irrational fear of stop-motion animation. Poor little girl.

And then we spent the rest of the day slacking and watching anime. Li'l Pri just got a new song, too, so we're in danger of slacking even more! But maybe we'll make ourselves do something else. I was thinking of saying "more productive," but I'm not sure reading counts as more productive. People do say that reading books is better for you than watching TV, but in some cases, I'm really not sure that's true. If we read Kieli, that will be good because it's Japanese prose and will help with our Japanese studies. If we read The Wind and the Willows / The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (and other short stories), we'd be learning about the classics. But if we read manga... then we're learning about our industry! Yay! All good things.

Today I'm thankful for having another opportunity to serve, finally seeing James and the Giant Peach, finally remembering to put in all those codes for Disney Movie Rewards points, the opportunity to sleep in tomorrow (we're really hoping nothing comes up), and having lots of good things to read.