November 13th, 2010


Eventful day

After updating yesterday, we decided we probably ought to do something productive, instead of just sitting down for some video games for the rest of the day. But we couldn't decide what to do, mostly because we don't like chores, and it's always hard to choose between multiple unsavory options. Eventually we picked the one that seemed the least like a real chore, and we went to Home Depot to get light bulbs.

See, the ceiling light in the living room had four lights, but two of them were burned out for a long time. We wanted to get new ones, but the screw size on the ceiling light is smaller than normal, so we can't just pick up regular light bulbs at the grocery store or something. That's okay, though, because our light fixture has three settings--one with two lights, one with the other two lights, and one with all four lights. So we put the two working bulbs in opposite each other so they'd be on at the same time, and then, even though we ended up accidentally having it on the four-light setting most of the time, it was like it was just one of the two-light options.

And then the third light went out. Dun dun DUN!!! So we realized we were going to have to find some way to get light bulbs that fit in out ceiling lamp thing. As it just so happens, we live within walking distance of a Home Depot, and tadah! that's where we went. We even brought one of the old light bulbs so we could show it to someone who works there and say, "We need light bulbs like this." And thus our problem was solved!

But the tale is bittersweet. We made it all the way to the store and back, carrying the old light bulb without any problems. But when we got back and I went to put the bulb on the table while we figured out how we wanted to dispose of it, something happened and it crashed onto the floor! Poor little light bulb. It made a really pretty tinkling sound, though. And then when I was trying to clean it up, Oreo walked all over the broken glass! What are you thinking, kitty!? But he doesn't seem to have sustained any injuries, fortunately.

Then today we went to the temple to do baptisms. It was a nice trip, and the bishop's wife brought cinnamon rolls! This was very good, because we weren't thinking properly when we decided to stay in bed an extra ten minutes, and that ten minutes cost us the time we needed to eat breakfast.

Even after the cinnamon rolls were gone, we hung around and talked for a while--just long enough for one of the senior service couple from the ward to come out from doing some more temple work. They saw us and invited us to lunch! I agreed right away, and then had to apologize to our ride for not consulting her. Fortunately, she didn't mind, and off we went to In-N-Out!

On the way there, we were sitting at a stop light, discussing our new discovery that meeting the characters really is one of the most fun things to do at Disneyland, suddenly BUMP! The car behind crashed into us! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

We pulled into a parking lot, and the girl driving the other car apologized, explaining that somehow her foot slipped off the brake. There was very little damage--just a few round marks in the paint from the other car's license plate frame--so our driver let them go without any complaints. She's a very easygoing person. And then we finally made it to In-N-Out, where we got to tell people we were in a car accident. We're just very thankful that it was an extremely minor one.

And then we came home and watched Lil Pri, and wondered why we didn't start watching it sooner. It's just too cute!

Today I'm thankful for having four working lights in the living room, Oreo not getting injured on broken glass, getting to go to the temple, surviving our car accident, and getting treated to lunch.