November 12th, 2010


Talent Show

Last night for Family Home Evening, we had a ward talent show. There was a pretty big turnout, but there weren't very many acts, sadly. We were even pathetic enough to not sign up for anything. I guess the short notice (they only told us about the talent show two weeks before they had it) got to a lot of people.

Like I said, we weren't planning to do anything. If we had not let ourselves forget about the show, we might have been creative enough to come up with a cool skit to perform (the bishop and his wife and daughter reenacted a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for example), but we are way too easily distracted. I had actually been practicing a song ("Melodies of Life" from Final Fantasy IX) for the specific purpose of being able to show off should the opportunity arise, but we figure with talent shows, most people either sing or play an instrument, and too many musical numbers can get a little boring. So we didn't sign up.

But! when we got to FHE last night, we walked into the cultural hall and there was a piano sitting there, just begging to be played. I can't help myself; whenever I see a piano I want to play it (another big part of why I had been practicing that song). So I did. And then the girl in charge heard it and was like, "You have to perform that in the show!" And thus we were entered in the show. See, the part I learned was really only accompaniment--without a singer, there's no real melody.

Unfortunately, my stage fright kicked in. Even though I had been playing the song perfectly (which was a little surprising) before, even with a bunch of people around to listen, as soon as I'm officially the center of attention, my hands start shaking uncontrollably. There was a pretty big screw up in the second verse, but fortunately Athena was able to pick up where I skipped to, and it wasn't a complete failure. Besides, I did the intro, the interlude, and the ending almost perfectly, so considering that Athena did her part almost perfectly, the important parts were all almost perfect. Maybe.

There were about six other acts, including the bishop's family's skit. It was mostly music, but one of the other pianists called someone up to mess with the lights so we could have a light show, and the other one did "name that tune" instead of playing a whole piece, so it turned out to be more than just a recital. One girl sang, and two girls danced--there was a hula dance and that dance from Napoleon Dynamite. And everyone did a really good job! Yay!

We were kind of hoping for more praise, or at least someone to recognize it and be like, "Yay Final Fantasy IX!" but... such is life, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to participate in the talent show, having a song on hand to play when there's a piano sitting there begging to be played, the amusingness of Roman numeral typos, still having one light bulb that's not burned out in our living room, and getting to hear that song on the first DN Angel CD drama again.