November 10th, 2010



It's day two of our attempt at waking up an hour earlier, and so far we still haven't been able to use that extra time for work. Yesterday there was the cat fiasco, and today, we were very very popular. We got so many phone calls! And they weren't all people asking for our money! I'd even venture to say that about two-thirds of them were actually people who wanted to talk to us.

On the other hand, probably about half those calls were from the same person, but that is really really really okay, because! we were working out the details on our plans to see Tangled tonight! Tonight!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

We knew that advanced screenings of Tangled existed, because Disney Animation Studios tweeted either yesterday or Monday or sometime like that asking anybody who saw one to tell them what they thought. We read that tweet and were immediately upset, because why didn't we get to see an advances screening!? Waaaaahhh!

The upsetness lasted about sixty seconds, because we figured if there had been one in our area, we probably would have found out about it, like we found out about the Bolt screening back when that came out. So we resigned ourselves to wait the two long weeks for the movie to come out officially. And then there was this morning.

There we were, minding our own business and about to take advantage of the extra almost hour we had to edit our Sekaichi translation when the phone rang. (I think it was actually the second phone call of the morning, but the first one was before eight o'clock, so it doesn't count (though I am slightly pleased that we were awake for it!).) It was Ponyo, and something about the randomness of the call made me wonder what was up. We chatted for a bit, and then she asked what we were doing at seven tonight. I told her that we had no plans, and she asked if we wanted to see Tangled!

At first I was a little stunned, and then I was like, "An advanced screening!? But we thought they weren't having one in our area!" Well apparently they are. And apparently it's tonight. And apparently, Ponyo's friend went out to laser tag the other day, and the guy there asked if she wanted tickets. She was like, "Do I!?" But then she couldn't make it because of school. Boo! We need to write her a thank you card at the very least.

Well, she didn't want them to go to waste, so she gave them to Ponyo and the Relief Society President, who are using them to go on a double date. But! there were eight tickets total! Ponyo and RS Pres tried inviting other people, but none of them could make it. We think they didn't ask us at first because, since Ponyo would be on her double date, she wouldn't be able to pick us up, and without a ride, we couldn't really make it. But since nobody else could make it, that means we can invite someone who can give us a ride!

So we called Celeste, but she didn't answer her phone. Boo! I left a message. But she kept not calling back, and we got impatient. So we called Mom to see if we could get Celeste's schedule, so we could at least know when she would be available. Mom looked around her desk to find Celeste's schedule, and as soon as she was about to tell me what was going on with Celeste today, she said, "Why are you asking me her schedule? She's right here."

What!? Why didn't you say so sooner!? And why hasn't she returned our call!? She had accidentally left her phone on silent. I see. Oh well. The important thing is that she can come and we're all very excited! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

And after everything was taken care of, we finished our edit of Sekaichi and now we still have plenty of extra time, despite all the phone conversations. This is good, because we need to walk to the store.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see an advanced screening of Tangled!!!, the kindness of the girl in the ward who let us have her tickets, getting to invite Celeste to go with us, finishing our Sekaichi translation (even though it was the last volume *sniffle*), and having plenty of free time left.
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