November 7th, 2010

kid flash


This morning, as we were brushing our hair, getting ready for church, suddenly! a World of Color reusable bag dashed across the living room! It was so adorable and so pitiful at the same time. We were like, "Page! Stop!! We can help you!!"

Anxious and entirely too amused, we followed her into the bedroom. But all we found was the empty World of Color bag, and the DVD that had been inside it--fittingly, the Disney version of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. She had vanished! We looked under the bed, but we couldn't spot her.

When we came back to the bedroom later, there she was on the top bunk. I have no idea why we didn't check there before; she was probably there the whole time. Maybe we didn't check because when you're caught in a bag, it doesn't make sense to jump up onto things. Or maybe we were just too amused by the parallels in the idea of her having been spirited away (even though we were pretty sure she hadn't been, and that she'd turn up eventually).

I was going to say that now Page is sitting on the monitor, and Oreo is curled up behind us and we're surrounded by cute kitties. But we distracted Page by getting up to look out the window (it's raining; that's slightly unusual here), so she jumped up onto the top bunk again. And while I was typing all that, she jumped back onto the monitor, so we think she's just being contrary. But anyway, we are surrounded by adorable kitties.

Today I'm thankful for the entertainment we had this morning, the fact that no cats were harmed during the stunt, getting some rain, getting a ride to church (yet another instance of thinking we had a ride to choir practice and then discovering that it would have been a good idea to make a reminder call), and getting to church in time for the very end of choir practice.