October 14th, 2010



We really should have learned by now that when we're planning to do something, and things have been hectic the whole time, there's not likely to be a short reprieve before we actually do the thing. We finished the Lumiere costume last night, and it was a bit more of an ordeal than we expected. We had a really hard time sewing the white candle parts to the gold candelabra parts, and we finally got it to worked when we devised a method of pinning them together in such a way that left the pins ready to stab unsuspecting seamstresses at any moment. The only notable casualty was one of my fingers, but even that wasn't really all that notable, because I don't even remember which finger it was. That still didn't not prevent me from imagining sharp pointiness approaching my eyes whenever I closed them. But I prayed not to have any scary dreams last night, and I didn't.

There were some other tender mercies involved in finishing the costumes. First of all, we actually did. Second, we were a little sad that the costume was taking so long that we would still be sewing while The Whole Truth was on, and we really really really wanted to watch it. It's just not the same when you're staring at your work instead of looking at the TV. But! it wasn't on last night! They moved the episode to next week. Yay!

This morning has been just as hectic, though. We finished our Happy Cafe translation, but we had a bunch of other things to take care of, including meeting Ponyo so she could pick up Michelangelo's costume. But! the thing that made it the most difficult for us to concentrate was the Villains Victory Party at Disneyland.

See, on Twitter, they said, "Stick around; at ten o'clock we'll tell you how you can attend the Villains Victory Party!" So at ten o'clock, I camped out at Twitter, constantly refreshing the page for the tweet. Finally, it was there! It linked to the Disney Parks Blog, where they had three trivia questions, and the first seventy-five people to answer them correctly (via e-mail) would be invited to the party! Gasp! We raced to answer the questions! (I just want to show off a little that I knew the first one off the top of my head--Who created Cruella de Vil and Maleficent? Animator Marc Davis.)

It took us about five minutes, but we weren't sure. We actually kind of guessed on one of them. It was an educated guess, though! I don't think it even took an hour before the Disney Parks tweeted that all the potential winners had been selected. So then we were a little more eager to check our e-mail than usual, but by the time we finished our Happy Cafe translation, there was nothing.

Later, Athena was at her own e-mail, e-mailing her hymn selections to the girl in charge of making the program each Sunday. Lo and behold, she was a winner! Strange; she sent her e-mail after I sent mine. But actually it's not that strange, and in fact makes perfect sense, because we tend to get mistaken for one person all the time when we try to do this kind of thing on the internet. In fact, we registered to vote over the internet, and I think they thought we were one person then, too, because Athena's the only one who gets the voter information stuff. It's numeralist, I tell you! Name bigotry!

Joking aside. It really wasn't that big a deal, because each winner gets to take a guest! Yay! But on the other hand, we would most likely have to stay with Gaston and Alice, and we would have felt terrible going to an awesome Disneyland party without them if we were also intruding on their home.

To not get crossed off the winners' list, you have to respond to the e-mail and provide contact info. When Athena responded, she added a PS about how I entered, too, and later! I got an invite, too!!! Yaaaaay!!!! We're so excited! And so happy that it all worked out with the PS!

And now we're going to leave in about fifteen minutes to go to a different Disneyland Halloween party. Kya♥

Today I'm thankful for finishing the Lumiere costume, having Snickers Fudge to eat as our victory candy, finishing our Happy Cafe translation, getting to go to Mickey's Halloween Party, and oh my goodness we get to go to the Villains Victory Party!