October 13th, 2010

kid flash

Costume stress, as usual

Today we realized that the best way to love your job again is to take a week or so to do something more challenging than your job. Then you'll be more than happy to go back to your regular job. Or at least that's how it worked for us.

We took another day off to work on costumes! Tadah! Actually, today was mostly experimentation. Babette's skirt was finished, but I wanted to see if we could hide our lack of feathers better. Not that we don't have very many feathers--my goodness, they're all over the place! Just that we needed about twice as many as that. It still looks pretty good. Oreo decided to help me out while I was pinning the tulle under the feathers. He actually wasn't very helpful; I think he really just wanted to sleep. But we did get some adorable pictures! And one of these days, we'll get all those pictures off our camera and post them. Hmm, I wonder if I should look for another memory card...

Eventually Ponyo and Michelangelo showed up, and we got to go get the last of the necessary supplies. Somehow it always happens that we need last-minute supplies. But it was good, because yesterday Alice called so we could synchronize the Silly Girls' shawls. We don't want to risk being cold again this year, even if it is unusually warm for October. So we also got to buy some fleece. The beauty of using fleece for the shawls is that tadah! we don't actually have to do anything to it. We just had them cut it off the bolt for us at the store and voila! instant shawl! Or wrap-type thing. Anyway, something to keep us warm. The only problem was that there was no fleece to match the light color from my dress, so we just got a pink and hopefully it won't look too weird.

Unfortunately, we had to rush everything because Michelangelo had to go teach karate. By the time we got everything, it was time for them to leave, so we didn't have much opportunity to work on stuff. But we did finish the Babette costume! Yay! Lumiere is still being tricky. I was so stressed about it that when Gaston called yesterday and asked how the costumes were coming along I nearly had a heart attack. But after working on them this morning, we're pretty confident about them.

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy more Snickers Fudge bars, finishing the Babette costume, realizing that there really aren't that many stray feathers wandering around the apartment (the feathers are cleaned up easily enough, but the more there are on the floor, the fewer there are on Babette's skirt), having shawls for our own costumes, and figuring out a way to attach the gloves to the candles so that I can still watch TV while doing it.