September 28th, 2010



We finally turned in our contest entry! Man, we typed up our first translation of that how long ago? I don't even remember. But it's in now, and we probably have a day or two before the deadline's up! Yay! One less thing to have to remember. Maybe we really should start writing things down. (Actually, we did finally put "contest" on our deadline whiteboard. And now we're crossing it off!)

Speaking of our mental to-do list, we didn't get to go fabric shopping yesterday after all. I called Ponyo, and she mentioned that they might already have some things they could use for costumes. In the interest of saving money and time, she decided to see what they had and call us back to report. About an hour later, she called back and said they managed to find almost everything they would need for a Lumiere costume, and a bunch of tulle that could be used to make a feather-dustery skirt. But it was a little late by that time, so we decided to save the fabric store for tomorrow (people have class today).

The fact that we won't have to make these costumes completely from scratch is an enormous relief. Also, Ponyo's brother has already done a bunch of research and figured out how he wants to deal with Lumiere's candle hands. We think that he's a perfectionist, too, so that's also a relief, except that we haven't seen what he's done, so we're still nervous. It's not that we don't trust him, it's that we don't trust anybody. That being the case, I'm also terrified of what kind of alterations might need to be made. What if they're really really hard to make!? Aaaaaahhhhhh!!

Oh well. Let's just save the panicking, because it might not be necessary.

Today I'm thankful for the hope of having most of the sewing already done, the deliciousness of Snickers Fudge, getting to watch a new Castle last night, finishing work an hour early today, and finally getting our contest entry turned in.