September 26th, 2010


Kitties and cosplay

I may need to make this quick, because there's no telling when Celeste will show up to drive us to Mom's place for dinner. I suppose there's the possibility of updating after dinner, but when we get back from socializing, we want to just sit down and relax, so I'm going to try to do this now.

First, I think we have discovered the identity of the little black cat. I noticed Page snap to attention when she noticed something outside the window, and then she ran out to the balcony again. Only she didn't actually go outside, because the door was closed. But anyway, I looked outside to see if I could find what she was looking at, and downstairs, in our neighbors' backyard, was the little black cat, eating out of a bowl of catfood. Well that explains where it's been coming from.

It may also explain why Oreo and Page seemed to be just about to start getting along and then Oreo suddenly got grumpy again. We thought it was because he was sick (because he did get sick around that time). But we've also noticed him standing at the edge of the balcony, sticking his head outside the fence thingie, and staring directly downward. Oreo was never around to meet the little black cat when it visited, so I'm worried he somehow got it into his head that we traded Mimsy for Page. We should hope he'd be able to tell them apart, but at any rate, if this cat reminds him of Mimsy, and then he looks at this annoying little Page and thinks back on old times, maybe it would make him a little grumpy. But this, of course, is all speculation, and we shouldn't be putting thoughts into Oreo's head (which I mean in the same sense as "putting words in someone's mouth").

Our second piece of news is that it's looking like we might have some more members joining our Beauty and the Beast cosplay group. This is a little exciting, but a little nerve-wracking, because we're going in only three weeks! Aaaaaahhhhh! And we would need a costume for each of them. I wonder if Gaston and Alice and LeFou and his girlfriend ever decided on a costume for her, because for all we know, Alice is already working on it. And Ponyo even seems willing to be Mrs. Potts, and it would be so awesome to have a Mrs. Potts. ...And I guess I had less to say about that than I thought. But it's exciting! And nerve-wracking! But we'll make it work somehow! I think!

Today I'm thankful for potentially having a bigger cosplay group (but not too big), having a variety of extra desserts to choose from tonight, being invited over for spaghetti, already having Halloween costumes to wear, and sheep.