September 25th, 2010


Busy, busy, busy

I want to make this short, because we want to get back to Tactics Advance 2 or some anime or something, but a lot happened in the last twenty-four hours! It might not take so long to tell about, though. Let's see, first, we went to help decorate for the dance last night. It turned out to be a really good thing we did, too, because we discovered that there are only two people on the ward activities committee, and they would have been left to do all the decorating themselves! That hardly seems fair. I wonder why the committee isn't bigger.

Anyway, they had some red butcher paper, and they wanted hang it over the entrance to the church, and then use white tape to decorate it to look like a barn, because it was a barnyard-themed dance (they told everyone to come dressed as their favorite barnyard animal). The problem: one of the two committee members has a fear of heights. Maybe not a fear of heights so much as a fear of climbing up on ladders. Can't say as we blame him, because ladders can be pretty scary. It doesn't matter how much I realize that the ladder is designed to have a wide base so it's not likely to fall--when I'm up there and it's shaking, that's scary. And he's a big guy, so it would probably be even scarier, what with the potential for it not holding his weight (even though it probably would have, I think, but this isn't about fact).

It was hard work, but it was kind of fun, and we learned that when someone tells us what they want, we're pretty good at making it happen. We're only sad that we didn't have the time and patience and courage to stay on the ladders long enough to make it look even better. Ah well.

The committee tried pretty hard to convince us to go back to the dance to see our handiwork and how people appreciated it, but when we got home, we were tired. And the kitties were very meowful, which we choose to interpret as they missed us.

Today was pretty busy, too. We did Chores! Oh my goodness, can it be!? Chores!? Yes, chores! And that helped us feel pretty good about life, too.

And then we went to Mom's house to watch the General Relief Society broadcast, where President Monson gave an awesome talk about having charity and not judging. He started out by telling a story about a newly married couple who moved into a house, and when their neighbor came out to hang her laundry, the wife would look over and be all, "That laundry's not clean! I can't believe it! Our neighbor doesn't know how to clean her clothes properly!" This went on for some time, until one day, the neighbor came out to hang her laundry, and the wife looked over to see and she was amazed! "Her laundry is clean! I can't believe it! I wonder what happened!" And her husband answered, "I can answer that. You'll be very happy to know that I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows."

After the conference, we were treated to dinner, and then, since there are rumors of another trip to Disneyland in December, and we were talking about how everybody will need to raise their stamina (it will be more than just Disneyland, and it sounds like it could be quite exhausting), it was decided that we would all go on a walk. So we had a lovely time walking allllllll the way around a very big "block." And then we came home! Tadah! And we have gotten more exercise this weekend than... usual.

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to help decorate for the dance, getting our chores done, getting to watch the Relief Society broadcast with President Monson's talk on charity, getting some good exercise, and peanut butter squares made with peanut butter chips.