September 23rd, 2010


Maybe not so interesting times

Ack, it's time to update LJ, but nothing really interesting has happened! We worked on Gakuen Alice today, and that was really interesting, but I can't talk about that, because that's spoilery. I will say that we managed to translate twenty pages in one hour! That's like a record for Gakuen Alice. (It might not be, though; I don't remember how things went during volume eight. I seem to remember that one going very quickly.)

I will also say that this volume features the first time the academy students have switched seasonal uniforms--going from the winter uniforms to the summer ones. That means that in fifteen volumes of manga, only about half (or possibly less) of a school year has gone by. Come to think of it, we did finally realize (after like three hundred manga translations) that school festivals are in the autumn, and the Alice Festival discussions start around volume three. And then the festival itself is at least two volumes, and then they don't get to Christmas and New Year's until around volume ten-ish.

Right, that's enough rambling about time lines.

Let's see... we haven't had any new visits from the little black cat. Page must have scared it off. Or it got hurt in that really loud cat fight we heard the other night. We hope not.

We did! hear a helicopter today. It's not the first helicopter we've heard, I'm pretty sure, but we don't usually hear people on megaphones (or some other kind of voice amplifier) saying, "Put your hands up." That was slightly alarming.

Um... that's about it. Today I'm thankful for finding the new cycle of America's Next Top Model before it had gotten too far in, the next bit of Gakuen Alice promising to be very entertaining, the bit of Gakuen Alice that we already translated going very quickly, having time to watch Okami-san today, and having some chocolate toffee almonds to look forward to eating tonight.