September 21st, 2010


The cat returns.

There we were, minding our own business and translating Higurashi, when suddenly Page started running around. Now, one of her hobbies is running around like a maniac, so normally that wouldn't be so strange, but this time there seemed to be more of a purpose. The especially unusual thing about it is that usually when Page is running with a purpose, it's toward the window, so she can see what's going on outside. This time, it was away. So Athena got up and followed her!

There in the hall was the little black cat that had visited us yesterday! By the time I saw it, it had already moved back to the dining area, and Page was following cautiously after it. Or maybe advancing on it. We're not sure which. I do wonder what would have happened if it had made it as far as the spare bedroom where Oreo was chilling. I think Oreo actually would have been nice to it, because he seems to base his opinions of other cats on sight first, then smell, and this cat really looks a lot like Mimsy.

We suspect what happened was this: After lunch, Oreo was acting like he wanted to go outside, so we let him out on the balcony, and then we went back to work. Oreo must have left at some point, but of course the balcony door was still open. That's when the little black cat (we like calling it that, because it sounds like a fairy tale) happened along, noticed the open door, and came inside to look around. During its expedition, it must have found the bowl of hypoallergenic food (apparently quite delicious, according to the vet), because the bowl was much emptier than Athena had seen it in a while. And then it kept exploring, at which point Page found it and gently escorted it outside.

This time I did manage to get a picture of it, but I am much to lazy to upload it onto the computer, much less the internet.

I wonder if it belongs to anyone, and I also wonder if the rule about only two cats has been changed (I don't even know when the rule switched from cats only to little dogs are okay), because it's so cute, we just want to snatch it up and keep it here! But then again, since it's already a wanderer, that probably wouldn't be very nice. So maybe we'll just say it's a friend that stops by occasionally.

Today I'm thankful for another visit from the little black cat, said visit not resulting in a massive cat fight, already being finished with that rough draft, getting new books from TokyoPop (we'll be going from Hinamizawa to Alice Academy), and having plenty of options for dessert tonight.