September 13th, 2010



Does today feel creepy because it's September, or because we're working on Higurashi this week? I think I'm going to have to go with the September thing. We were telling Celeste and Leia about the scene in Higurashi that we had left off with on Friday, and then later in the conversation, I clarified that it was a horror series, and they were like, "Yeah, we totally figured." And I was like, "What? Tearing off fingernails with torture devices is not necessarily horror. It could easily have been a mystery or even a regular action thing." All I'm saying is I bet it wouldn't be strange for Jack Bauer to deal with fingernail-extracting torture devices, and 24 didn't seem anything like a horror series in the... eight...? episodes we saw of it. (Sixteen episodes! Athena's pretty sure we got to four in the afternoon.)

Anyway. After updating last night, we went to watch some more backstage Disney extras, and were severely disappointed with the pitiful number of extras on the Robin Hood DVD. It's the "Most Wanted Edition" for crying out loud! "Most wanted," to me, says "lots of awesome behind the scenes extras for all you Disney geeks out there!" But all it had was an art gallery with some commentary.

So we put in the Rescuers DVD after that, and since it's not any kind of special edition, we weren't expecting much, and there's not much, but there's more than we expected. And! it has one of the True-Life Adventures features on it! It's like educational YouTube! Only not really. They took a bunch of videos of water birds and edited them to be informative and entertaining. The best part was when they showed the courting ritual of some kind of grebe that we don't remember which kind exactly, but it was awesome, because a couple of birds would stand up and run across the surface of the water! Bam! Or I guess Zoom! And they played funny music.

Aaand that's about all. Today I'm thankful for getting to watch that True-Life Adventures feature, not being in a situation where I'm forced to tear off my own fingernails, a new Edgeworth game being in the works!, Page not being gone forever (she vanished earlier today, but she's back now), and getting to learn a little about water birds.