September 10th, 2010


Hougen Danshi

We got a check yesterday! We're just a little sad that we might not get to go deposit it just yet, but it's for more than we expected! Yay! We have to be really really careful, though, because we don't want to it disappear too fast. It's hard, because we've already got such a long list of things we want to buy. There's manga, and the DS version of the Kingdom Hearts game that was for cell phones in Japan is coming out next month, and! just yesterday, Amazon Japan sent us an e-mail about something we want. We don't want to get it from them, though, because their shipping is crazy.

Anyway, it's called Hougen Danshi: Little Japan, and it's about a school where they have a student from each of the 47 prefectures of Japan speaking the local dialect! We saw it and we were like, "Oooohhh..." It would be such a great way to study the different dialects and what kind of personalities are associated with them!

I mean, it's pretty easy to figure out when somebody's using a dialect in manga, but it would be even more awesome if we could learn to hear how they pronounce words differently and stuff. And not just "ya" versus "da," but, like, different accents. The closest we had to learning the different accents in our Japanese studies at college was that we had a native speaker from, like, the Tokyo area or somewhere, and a native speaker from the Kansai region, and the professor would be like point to one and say, "How do you say 'kuru'?" and then he'd have the other one say it, and it really did sound different (of course), but it's all just Japanese to us at this point (except in the case of anime characters with really thick dialects--then you can tell they're pronouncing something differently).

I'm having a hard time describing exactly what I'm thinking about this, but anyway, accents. We want to pay more attention to the different Japanese ones.

And! Our favorite voice actor is the Aichi representative! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for still having chocolate toffee almonds (they're soooooo good), having money to deposit, this translation going quickly (we really had been meaning to start on it on Wednesday...), getting to cross that busy intersection without too much difficulty yesterday, and getting to practice the organ yesterday.