September 8th, 2010



So it's like really late and stuff. We didn't update at our normal time, because I needed to make sure to get some piano practicing in before we went to the temple for ward temple night, and when we got back from the temple, we got sucked in by television! Dun dun DUN!! But it was highly enjoyable television, so we don't really regret it.

But it's also very late, so I think that's about all I have to say. Except that this morning, I woke up feeling like something awesome was going to happen, and then nothing especially awesome happened, so I was sad, and then I was like, "But it's not like nothing good has happened. We got to work on Sekaichi, and go to the temple, and Psych is on (over now though), so it's still a good day!" Then on the way home from the temple, our ride (also the bishop's wife) told about how she always realized she was stressed out, because she would dream about something fun like going to Disneyland, and wake up really happy, and that was her subconscious way of dealing with stress. So maybe all these times we wake up all excited about life it doesn't mean something awesome is going to happen--it just means we need to stop stressing out and think about the awesome stuff that's already happening. Or something.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, getting to see Sister S there and tell her I need to learn to play the organ and fast, getting to watch Psych again, getting to work on Sekaichi, and not having any pressing need to wake up early tomorrow.