September 6th, 2010


In the Lord's vineyard

We're posting early today, because we feel like we've earned a nice afternoon of nothing but video games. Even if we didn't earn it, it's a holiday and we don't have any official deadlines coming up, so since we're pretty tired, there's no need to force ourselves to sit up. Hence, video games.

The day started very early. We rolled out of bed at six, pulled on some jeans and then our ride was here, so we got right into the car. We went to the church where we were supposed to meet anybody who wanted to carpool to the vineyard, because today was grape-picking day. After years of refusing to go, we figured we ought to stop whining and get to it. We had already come to that conclusion before a week ago Sunday, when the bishop had everyone in the congregation stand up, and he called us all to be grape-harvesters in the Lord's vineyard. And he asked us all to sustain ourselves, and after that it's really hard to say, "But I don't wanna go..."

I don't talk about the vineyard much, so for those of you who are wondering, the LDS church owns a vineyard in Fresno... Actually I think it might be in Madera, according to the sign, but I could be wrong. Anyway, it's in the Fresno area, and we grow grapes to turn into raisins, so that ultimately, people in need of food who can't afford to buy any can have raisins.

We were talking about it with Gaston one time, and we were like, "Why would anybody want raisins anyway?" (Picky as we are, we have a special vendetta against raisins, because people put them in our desserts, thus rendering something we would normally love inedible.) And Gaston was like, "Well, think about it. What better way to have fruit that's not going to spoil?" And I was like, "...Oh. That makes a lot of sense." My prejudice had blinded me to the truth. Sad.

So anyway, what convinced us to go pick grapes despite our hatred of farmwork, getting up early, and raisins, was the growing opinion that we need to do more service. So off we went!

One of the Relief Society counselors was planning to bake stuff so we would have sustenance, but she slept in. We can't fault her for that, because we hated getting up just early enough to roll out of bed and into the car. So we had no breakfast! Dun dun DUN! That's okay; we figured if we passed out from hunger, we wouldn't have to work anymore. And we'd be asleep!

Fortunately, that didn't happen. We got to the vineyard and started picking! It was really hard at first, though, because I realized another thing I hate about picking grapes is getting dirty. I didn't realize I was so prissy, my goodness. There were spiders, too, which bothers a lot of people, but not us. Unless they're black widows. But we figured they would all be under our feet, since they like dark, dank places, and the grapevines were all out in the sun. We did find a tiny wasp nest, though. That was a little scary, but the wasps were nice enough to stay away.

Early on, all the people we were working with would move on, but we'd notice a ton of grapes that they missed, so we assigned ourselves to be gleaners. We found bunches and bunches and oh my goodness all the bunches that people missed! Hopefully, that just means there were that many grapes to be harvested. We worked our way slowly down the row, and it was actually kind of fun to find a big bunch that got missed, because we'd pick it and be like, "Yay I'm helping!!"

Three hours later, it was more like, "Argh!! How could they miss this!?" That actually didn't happen so much (it did happen a little, because we were tired) until after people came walking the other way and were saying stuff like, "We're just about done!" And we checked our progress, noticing we were probably about two-thirds of the way down the row, and we looked around and saw all the grapes left behind on other rows, and we were like, "Really?"

But then our ride came along and said she had to go. She assured us there were people in charge of coming through and checking the rows to make sure all the grapes got picked, and we didn't want to end up stranded, and we were tired and hadn't had any breakfast, so we decided to take the opportunity to go home when we had the chance.

We made it home at about ten-thirty, showered (oh my goodness, all the dirt!), ate an entire bag of Baked! Ruffles (we actually do that for lunch every couple of weeks or so...), read scriptures, got caught up on all our internet stuff... then we were too tired to sit at the computer any longer and took a break, and now here we are. Tadah!

And now it's off to play some video games!

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve in the vineyard, not being stranded, not passing out, not getting attacked by wasps or black widows, and those cold wet towels that the bishop passed out to people when they were done to wipe the dirt of our faces and arms.