September 3rd, 2010


Kitties and Akiyoshis

All motivation for productivity seems to disappear when we're trying to figure out how to deal with a sick cat. Oreo hasn't gotten worse or anything, but he hadn't really gotten better, either, so we were like, "Why aren't you better yet, darnit!?" So we called Mom for advice, because we couldn't afford any kind of diagnostic testing stuff at the vet, and we agreed that the vet would probably understand if we said we couldn't afford anything period. (The visit itself is covered in Oreo's Wellness Plan. I am very thankful for Wellness Plans.)

And so we called the vet! And we went to the vet! And the vet was like, "Y'know, Oreo, most other pets don't come in here once a month." To be fair, the last time we brought Oreo in, it was just for a checkup. And they said everything was fine but his teeth.

Doctor G said we could test this, this, this, and this, or we could just give him Panacur and hope that makes him better, since if he has giardia (the thing they'd test him for), that's what they'd give him anyway. As it turned out, the diagnostics would have all cost less than we thought, but we decided to take the economical route and try the medicine first. I'm just glad to know that if the medicine doesn't work, none of us will have to sell a kidney to pay for diagnostics.

So we came home triumphant! We were hoping to have something that might make Oreo feel better, and lo and behold, they gave us Panacur! Tadah! They said it's kind of like Pepto-Bismol or something. And based on his history and the timing of the diarrhea (right... I don't think I mentioned. He stopped vomiting, but now everything just goes right through him), we all think it's probably an inflamed something, and the Panacur plus the Prednisolone should help us get everything under control. If not, we're taking him back next week, and we can run diagnostics then (hopefully we'll have gotten a check by then).

The only slight drawback is that we have to give him biiiiiiig doses. But it's okay, because we gave him one already, and he keeps it down much better than he keeps down the Pred.

In other news, we think everybody who cares already knows, but Banri Hidaka is starting a new series! And! It's Akiyoshi: The Next Generation! Hidaka-sensei says the boy (the main character) has green eyes, and his older sister has black hair and blue eyes--just enough information for everybody reading VB Rose to have an idea of who it's about. We'd mentioned before that it would be cool for Hidaka-sensei to do a series about Hina, but a story about her little brother would be even better! And if, like, Uncle Chizuru and Uncle Ichihisa come to visit... But we won't know for sure until they can tell us in the next issue of Hana to Yume.

And I just remembered that lyschan asked us if she said anything about Berry Berry and we forgot to answer. So here's the answer! She said please just wait a liiiiittle bit for the next chapter.

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being kind enough to drive us to the vet, having medicine for Oreo (but he's still not eating much, boo; that's okay, these things take time), Wellness Plans, the idea of a series about Maki's son!, and still managing to get a little bit done despite our lack of motivation.