September 2nd, 2010



Today has been almost entirely non-productive. Fortunately, we foresaw this development and made sure to at least be semi-productive before getting into Tactics Advance 2. We did one revision of our translation contest entry, and then we did approximately one chore each. (Like I said: semi-productive. Eheh...)

We meant to take a short break, but when we went to Square-Enix Members, we discovered that the changes they had made were more awesome than we expected, so we spent a lot of time shopping for clothes for our avatar. Or avatars, actually, because they made it so we each get three! I'm not sure how it makes sense exactly, but we don't care that much, because now we have extra avatars to play with, and that makes the idea of taking avatar photos that much more fun. They even added a new photo option thing where you can make comics with your avatars! Now we have to come up with a fun story idea. But I kind of want to mess around with our two new ones first, because I don't like the guy's hair that much and I want to see if we can change it. With more people talking about leaving LJ these days, the thought did cross my mind that maybe we'd just use Square-Enix Members for all our blogging needs (you can include pictures of your avatar, too, which is pretty awesome) if everybody really does leave.

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We're still worried about Oreo. We think he ate during the night, but he's hardly touched anything since breakfast. Our theory is that we should have given him some medicine this morning. We'll give him some tonight, and then more tomorrow morning, and hopefully his liver won't go crazy before then. We decided to give him some medicine just now, and instead of going to hack it all up like he usually does, he went and nibbled at some food! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for super awesome new features at Square-Enix Members, having lots of time to play Tactics Advance 2, Oreo eating breakfast this morning, Oreo nibbling at some food just now, and having chocolate to eat later.